Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are things that are memorable, there are memories that are unforgettable, and there are moments that are simply treasurable.

We took our daughter to the beach for the first time, her first outing and also me and lyn's first in three years (yes, that loooong).  The excited parents packed her two-piece bikini (that was bought by her mommyla) while almost forgetting their swimming attires.  We were excited but that's nothing compared to hers.

We thought we already seen her at her happiest, but nothing beats her screams of excitement as the wave touched her toes. We've seen her round eyes brighten up countless times when she found something that she like, but her eyes grew even bigger with amazement as she played with the sand.
Some of us can afford the most luxurious accommodations, dine at the most fancy restaurant, buy the most expensive clothes, but they're all nothing compared to the joy of a child, her giggles, her screams, and I am glad I was there to capture them all.

Life's simple pleasure is priceless.


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