Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weddings 101: The first step

It has been said that the journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or the first step.

And in the preparation for a journey to a thousand forever, where or how to begin?

First on the list would have to be the date, yes, the wedding date and not who to invite, who to do the gown, who the photographer, who'll do the catering, etc, etc. There will be a lot of time for those, but first thing first, when do you plan to get married?

Choosing the date can be very tricky, depending on your preference, you have about 365 days to choose from. Some couples followed their religious beliefs, some according to feng shui, some according to their anniversary/ies, some even because it was what their parents want! The latter is not really healthy, at least on the part of the couple as they allowed others to decide for themselves, not a good start, really. And, for some couple, time is of the essence. :)

The wedding date should be on top of everything because as you look for the wedding venue, reserve for a caterer, inquire for a make up artist, talk to a photographer and meet other wedding suppliers, the first question they will ask: "When is your wedding?" or "Wedding po ba, kailan?" I think that's the protocol as they also have to check their schedules and/or availability, so there.

I believe the wedding date should be decided by the couple and should not be pressured by outside forces. To begin with, it's their wedding, di ba? Lyn and I were lucky enough not to have meddling parents (meddling friends, marami hehehe), and the date we choose was acceptable to them, my mother and my future mother-in-law were even overly joyful of our choice.

Aside from the religious significance of our chosen date, we also look into the practical side of things and consider the number of months that we'll need to prepare, checking the busy months of our work (me: budgeting sessions, auditing, enrollments, etc. and lyn: sales calls, branch visits, mandatory schooling, exams, etc) and the timing for our "funding". If someone will say that eight months is a long time to prepare, i'll say not really but it did give us enough room to schedule everything.

Now that the first step was taken, real works begin.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All set

It all started with a question, then she said yes.

If we're going to go back and remember everything, the months of planning, preparation, a major setback, bridal fairs and lots and lots of meetings all over the metro were a dizzying spectacle we never thought we can accomplish (and survived!), and how's that with the equally migraine-inducing work schedules we have?

In about two months, a beautiful bride and her dashing (talaga lang ha hehe) groom will walk down the aisle to start a bright new life together.

Yes, almost everything's set and we're only working on some details (like who to assign to this and who to attend to that) and some final meetings with our suppliers.

Right now, the feeling of excitement, nervousness and yes, being pressured, almost always reign in our heads. But with the support of our family, friends and reliable wedding suppliers, we can still have a blast with the preparation.

It was really an experience, and I'll share it through this blog later. Abangan. :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

nose bleed

did you notice the picture on my header? AND did you also notice that it wasn't aligned/centered? it wasn't intentional, i just don't know how to do it hehehe.

you see, when i found out that i can easily put a picture on the header i immediately click the browse portion to try and have it save. my little brain didn't realized that an alignment issue will surface and the analytical skills that has been missing in my life since birth will be needed.


i run to the "edit HTML" or whatever and take a look if i can find something, i did found a lot but i don't know what are those hahaha. and just by looking at the gazillion code-combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks gave me a horrendous headache and made me swear that reading accounting books is better! okay, the reading part was just a joke :).

but seriously, can anyone help me with this dilemna? my header now has a picture and it has been a life-long dream (don't worry, i'll replace it with another if there will be some protests hehe) but with the uneven sides, it looks horrible!

is there an easier path to this universal problem other than studying the codes and be mesmerized by CSS files? help!!!!
UPDATE: Problem solved! lalalalala hehehe


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