Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Pyromusical: Japan-Finland

February 16. Opening Weekend of the much anticipated 2013 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. I expected it to be huge and I also prepared myself for thousands of people who would at the SM Mall of Asia to witness the first salvo of the competition courtesy of Japan and last year's runner-up, Finland.

I came at around 6 o'clock, and that early, all the best possible location for shooting unobstructed view of the fireworks were already taken. I just settled near the railings with a lamp post somehow blocking my view, and as time goes by, more people are coming and before I know it, the Gold (Center) section's already full of eager fireworks watchers.

my view with the lamp post and those zipline wire

Japan, represented by Tamaya Kitahara, officially started the show and the promise of awesome mixture of traditional and non-traditional fireworks display was not really awesome. They started big but lost with its unimpressive choice and mix of music, and lots of dead air in the middle. Japan may have a huge and loud finale, but it was not enough to make the entire run impressive.

Or maybe my obstructed view's the culprit. :)

A group of fire dancers performed to fill the gap between Japan and the next participant, Finland. And, little did I know that the platform beside me would be their stage, so when the first dancer did her stuff, gasoline from the ball she's carrying came flying my way. waah.

To close the first Saturday of competition was last year's runner-up, Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd. Unlike Japan which started huge, Finland begins almost "whispering", but I think that was intentional as to build momentum. This time, the accompaniment jived with the fireworks, the higher the notes, the louder and bigger the fireworks, even a lone firework shooting up the dark sky can be an amazing sight because of the right music.

And yes, the night belonged to Finland.

Next: Taiwan and Spain.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2013 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Quite a long title, huh? :)

But you know, it is that time of the year again when Manila Bay will be lighten by the spectacular explosion of colors and the sky would be painted again by fireworks! Now on its 4th year, the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition will be held at the SM Mall of Asia breakwaters on six Saturdays starting February 16, 2013. As grabbed from the PyroPhilippines website, here's the schedule:

I've been watching this annual spectacle since the beginning and even before it became a pyromusical (it was a pyro olympics before) and each year was indeed amazing. This was also the event where I have taken a second look at photography and realized that photography is not all about landscapes and portraits, and that fireworks photography is very technical, very enjoyable and can also be very hard (not to mention, it will also test your patience and timing).

I do not claim to be good at fireworks photography and it is during the competition that I can actually practice what I have read and what I thought I know about it. And from years of doing it, I might have seen a bit of improvement but still, I do think I'll be needing more practice hence the excuse for watching it every year. :)

And besides, I am still dreaming of taking that fireworks shot that borders on being beautiful and unreal, that shot that shows not just colors and lines but that extra "oomph". My shots are not even average looking, nothing spectacular. So hopefully, before the pyromusical competition reaches its 10th year, I already have that hehehe.

I have my six tickets (yes, for all saturdays!) that I bought from Ensogo last year, so see you around!


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