Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Lyn and I went out one weekend and found ourselves in MOA. Nowadays, going out just the two of us is a rare opportunity and it has been a while since we went out just the two of us and without our daughter. Years ago, we make it as a weekend habit to discover new things, trying out new restaurants and staying away from the usual stuff. And this is not an exemption.

But since I am no longer that updated as to what is happening to the food world (as if I was lol), I have no clear idea what to try so, we just scanned the area and look for something new. And in front of us, there's Soi! And our Thai-food lover stomach agreed.

We entered the restaurant with no expectations but of course we're hoping to be satisfied. The place is relatively small, with no more than 10 tables that can seat about four or five persons each but the large mirrors on the wall make the restaurant look bigger. It also help that the surrounding, from floor to ceiling, has a nice touch of earthy colors that gives Soi Fine Thai Cuisine a classy feel.

The staffs were attentive. The moment we sat down, they gave us the menu and handed us a free appetizer of spicy peanuts and chips. The peanuts are big and really spicy! Can you see the chilli on it? Hot.

It didn't take long before our orders came. They first served us Thai Iced Tea (P85.00). I was looking for the herb-y taste, it's there but only as a hint, it maybe overpowered by the milk and the exaggerated amount of ice on it, which after a while, make the drink less like tea but more of a watered milk with a hint of tea.

Thai Iced tea (with abundant supply of shaved ice) P85.00

Next came the Pomelo Salad Vegetarian. The pomelo chunks are a bit bigger to be called bite size, but it is a generous serving. Aside from being juicy, it also smells good. It doesn't have a complicated dressing and presentation as it does not need one. It is a refreshing way to start the meal. I am not really sure of the other ingredients, but this is quite different from other pomelo salad that has shrimp (it is vegetarian lol)

Pomelo Salad Vegetarian (P158)

We were almost finish with the salad when the Pad Thai Chicken and Fried Spring Roll were served. If the pomelo salad serving was enormous, I cannot say the same with the Pad Thai Chicken. It can still be shared by two persons but it has that bitin-look into it.

But one should not be deceived by how it looks. The moment we dug into it, fat and sticky noodles came out and layer of chicken strips underlying it promised a very filling meal. It has an unusual amount (and size) of togue that competes with the noodles as you put them in your mouth. The sticky feel of the noodles and the crunchiness of the togue is quite a surprise. The chicken strips has its own flavor and this part of the meal is the bitin one, as you can count on your fingers its number. A spoonful or two more of peanuts would also be a delight. Other than that, it was a heavy meal but not that extraordinary.

 The Fried Spring roll is different. And not in a good way. Though served nicely in a glass with the dipping sauce on the side, the pleasantry ends after the first bite. I am not saying this is bad, but it can be (it should be) better. The wrapper is thick, the veggies are thin, and we can taste more extenders than meat. Lumpiang shanghai is way better than this.

 Fried Spring Roll (P148)

With the exemption of the spring roll, our first time in Soi Fine Thai Cuisine is a satisfying one. Not the type that deserves a second look in a week's time, but we can eat here again, maybe, in a month's or a year's time.

Soi Fine Thai Cuisine
G/F North Parking Bldg.
Mall of Asia 
Tel. No. 9111584


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