Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jelli and Arms eliminated!

Jelli Mateo and Armarie Cruz were eliminated from the Philippine idol last night.

i have mixed feeling about last night, i am relieved that mau and gian were safe but i am also saddened that arms, instead of Ken or Jan, was booted out!

for jelli, it's actually quite a shame that she left when she performed better. graceful exit? pwede!

arms took her elimination with a smile (but drae, her rumored bf, is not smiling) and it was so classy of her.

keep it up, jelli and arms.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Boy Scouts to accept girls?

what's up with the boy scout of the philippines officers? have they ran out of things to do that's why they issued a memorandum directing all regional directors to accept GIRLS IN THE BOYS SCOUT? again, GIRLS IN THE BOY SCOUTS??? coed camps are okey, but having girls in the boy scouts is not really a very bright idea.

sure, promoting equality and building a gender-less society is a nice gesture, but c'mon, leave the boy scouts to the boys and girls to the girl scouts! what are they thinking kaya? oh, maybe they're thinking that the girl scouts of the philippines will also do the same. LOL. it's one big crazy idea. just leave it as it is, there's no need for that.

the girs scouts of the philippines is, of course, not very happy with this.

My take on Philippine Idol

and they've moved to a new timeslot! Performance will now be on Sundays after the PBA, results night will be Mondays.

last night's theme is Songs of their lives, quite a broad theme and the contestants get to choose any song from any genre.

every song should have a story related to them, thus the song of their lives.

it was so far the best performance night. everyone's at their element, except for Jan (who started the song Kailangan Kita with a lot of promise and then the tunes went all over the place as he hit the latter part of song, i also thought he still has this just singing the song aura, and Mr. C confirms it by saying he didn't feel the energy) and Pow (it was a big mistake singing a song that almost no one can relate to, i don't even remember the title, anyway it was by Spiral staircase, a 60's group i presume).

apple sung Someone to watch over me and she's good! i love standards and pilita loves her too! watch out for this girl, she could surprise us!

arms did not impressed me tonight. her version of If I believed is boring, passable but boring.

i was, as everyone was, surprised to see a better ken! he sung Get here and his performance is astronomically better than the previous week/s and he didn't miss any notes! wow. hey, what's with the dancers anyway?! Mr. C even told him he should not leave this week. scary!!! he's good this week but i am still not convinced that he should stay.

miguel, who accompanied himself on the piano, gave a mature and good rendition of Barry Manilow's Sandra who he says his own tribute to his mom. aww. this kid got something in him, if he could only maintain that emotional attachment to every song then he'll be okey but forget the idea of him being the first philippine idol. by the way, miguel has a beautiful mother. and it was his best performance so far.

mau, she is soo good. although still with some whitney houston-ish singing, she tried to make I will always love her own, and what a performance it was! so controlled, she belts but not screeching! luke mijares (guest judge) was teary eyed, gave mau a standing ovation and even invited her to guest in his next album! Mr. C is once again right on the money in saying that Mau holds the audience in her palm with her every performance. He only called mau a witch ready for the halloween! wee. she first came in an overcoat with a headdress and when she hit the chorus of the song, she removed the overcoat and revealed a black gown but her headdress is still there. i don't know, i think she'll do just fine without that headdress on. anyway, the good-humored that she is, she just take it in stride and laugh with that "witch" comment.

jelli, the beautiful lounge singer, is oozing and very seductive in her red gown, choose You don't know me by Ray Charles. something is definitely in the air tonight, jelli is good, i finally liked her! or maybe i just like standards? whatever, she just nailed it, no strained notes and very relaxed. good job.

finally, gian. his take on Luther Vandross' classic Superstar is also good. he limited his being theatrical and did a very emotional performance, although i must admit there were some parts that i thought his voice will cracked, but good thing he didn't.

here's how i ranked the performance :
1. Mau
2. Gian
3/4. Apple/Jelli
5. MIguel
6. Ken
7. Pow
8. Arms
9. Jan

Pow, Arms, Jan and Ken should be the bottom 4 with Jan and Ken leaving.

BUT, if the trend will continue this week, i think the top performers will again be in the bottom 4: Mau, Gian, Pow and Arms with Mau and Gian leaving. i hoped to be wrong with this, very, very wrong.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully the two-hour voting (down from the almost 24 hours voting the previous weeks) will do wonders for Mau and Gian.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Again, no one was eliminated


on the first time, it's understandable. the second time, it's quite unbelievable.

i am talking about the Philippine Idol. last saturday, it was pinoy band hits night, for Oct 21 show recaps, click here. and i thought that Arms, Mau and Gian were the night's best performers, Pow is also up there but as Mr. C puts it, she's starting to fall on the category of being good but boring...

sunday's results night is a different story. i am expecting that mau and gian will be in the bottom 3 again (i voted for mau a lot, but somehow Smart did not send the acknowledgment text for some of the votes i sent, i thought there would just be some delay until i completely forgotten all about it). I wasn't able to catch the early parts of the show (i missed the opening number featuring Mangarap ka by afterimage and the recaps of last saturday's show) and when i tune into ABC 5, Ryan says that he'll be giving a very important announcement.

uh-oh. what could this be?

there were a lot of feedbacks/calls from voters/subscribers that sun cellular (the other cellular network along side with globe) as well as Smart did not send them acknowledgment texts to their votes almost the entire Sunday! whoa, then i remember, that, yeah, i did not received any text/s from smart! and then Ryan said, "walang mae-eliminate! (no one is eliminated!)", but all votes will be carried over next week and that means two finalists will be gone by monday.


i don't know but i really did not buy the idea that because of some technical glitches, no one will be eliminated again? that means ken will be singing again next performance night? (oh btw, performance night was moved from saturday to sunday, and the results night to monday). geesh, he was badly lambasted for forgetting and mixing the lyrics of Eraserheads' Ligaya, Mr. C even commented that he is the cause of the early exit of Drae and Reymond, and again, he will be singing again next week?? again???

the last two weeks, the PI forum has virtually turned into a anti-Ken forum! with all kinds of accusations and theories like he's gay, he's buying votes, that jan's parents are helping him and other stuffs imaginable. to be fair, Ken can sing BUT he is not great, he can deliver the votes, sure, but what he's doing during his performances makes you more doubtful as to who really voted for him. i couldn't agree more with Mr. C when he said to Ken (like an in-your-face thing) that his journey with PI should have ended sooner or something like that. how very true (i really did not understand Ken's reply to this, i only heard something like "maybe i deserved this..").

there was this theory (again, from the forum) that the reason why no one was eliminated was because the bottom 3 were Gian, Arms and Mau, which according to some are the bets of ABC 5, and they do not want them leave just yet. ridiculous isn't it?

i really did not take the forum seriously because i know it is a playground for all the imaginable (there's that word again) things anyone can think of. but these things can also be true right?

anyway this is an idol franchise and with the franchise come/s the controversy/controversies.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

a little under the weather

when i came to the office this morning, everything's normal. and then i sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze. and now i have this sinusitis-like attack (sneezing, a little teary eyed) and my throat is a bit itchy. this is a warning for a forecoming colds. as much as possible, i do not want medication to prevent colds, what i am doing is take a lot of water, put a little of efficascent oil/ointment in my neck, back, side of the head, a little also on the lower back and then sleep early.

i hope to get well tomorrow, so i can finish this thing i am doing two weeks in advance so i can file my leave for the much-awaited boracay trip. hehehe, i am so bad. :)

Free hugs

i was browsing the youtube and saw this video. i thought it was awesome, it makes you feel good and the song playing in the background has a very good lyrics.

forgive me, but i still don't know how to post a video, so a link, i think, would be better. :)


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i am a sun worshipper. i adore sunsets. just like people, there's no identical sunsets.

it is always an amazing sight, the horizon changing from blue to yellow to orange until you get that last golden rays of the sun.

capturing the sunset will always be an experience. it has no angle but you will be needing some "props" to highlight its beauty, be it leaves, boats, trees, rooftops, even people can be a very props to the sunset.

missed episode 5 of the Amazing Race

it was only last night that i realized, i missed the monday episode of the Amazing Race 10! what's with me? oh, the world trade center invitational screening.

normally, monday night is amazing race night for me, so basically after office, everything needs to be rushed (oh, if i can only tell the bus driver to drive crazy, i will) including my monday session in the gym, for me to be able to catch the replay of AR 10.

i just read in the recaps that they're in India and, it was a non-elimination leg. wow, mary and his husband (was that david?) were saved! there's an added twist though, unlike in the previous seasons where the group who came in last and saved in a non-elim leg will be mugged (like all their money and possessions, except their passports and the clothes they're wearing will be taken from them), season 10 will not do that. Instead, they will be marked for elimination, they should came in first the next leg, otherwise they will be given a 30 minute penaltyl. ooh.

i love this show.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the morning after world trade center

we went to the invitational screening of the new Oliver Stone movie: World Trade Center at the Glorietta last night. the invites said screening will be at 7:30 pm, so its safe to say that it will end at around 9:30. hey, it doesn't start until 8:15 and ended at about after more than 2 hours! there was a raffle, and we didn't win, so maybe that makes the waiting even more hmp! :)

i expect the movie to be a tearjerker, but surprise, surprise! it wasn't! i expect to be teary eyed just like the way Deep Impact (remember this elijah wood movie?) moved me because it will focus on family, relationships and the tragedy that is 9/11. i wasn't!

but i am not dissapointed either.

maybe it's a good thing that they did not make the movie to be as heavy as its theme. true, the image of the world trade center collapsing is still and will be always a shocking one, but they did not dig too much on this. they focus on heroism. they focus on what an individual can do to a fellow individual. it highlighted the fact that 9/11 not only showed what an evil can do but more importantly, it also showed the goodness of man, that no matter the face, the color or belief, it is human nature to help.

i also learned from this movie that the elevator shaft is the strongest part of any building. hmm, now i know where to run.

i really do not want to review the movie, but the images of nicocas cage and the other police trapped in the rubbles as they continue to talked to each other, encouraging each other not to sleep, etc has been in my mind since i woke at 4:30 am (4.5 hours of sleep, whew), i do not know what hit me!

maybe because it's a 9/11 movie and the memory of what happened that day will forever hunt the world.


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