Friday, June 29, 2007


and i thought my blogging days (in the office, at least) is over.

the other day, our new IT consultants changed our IP address and installed some web filtering software in our server. it's the most ideal set-up to protect us from unwanted stuffs that are lingering in the cyberworld.

and then it happened.

i cannot log-in on this blog.

i cannot accessed my yahoo account. i cannot view my flickr account. i cannot open my multiply account. waaaaaa! and friendster is the only thing okey??? what the...?

and my eight-month old blogging life flashed before my eyes, patay!

i need to have a plan b. think, think, think. okey, i'll buy a laptop and ask smart bro for an internet connection in the house. sandali lang yun. what? a laptop is more than 1000? wala bang tingi? hahaha, desperation, desperation, desperation.

of course i know how much a decent laptop costs (decent is subjective), and i know it will cost me an arm and a leg, i should know, i've been drooling like crazy whenever i see one (discreetly syempre, but it's different when it comes to dslr kulang na lang yakapin ko yung camera hehe) and i wanted to have one but practicality is what hinders me from getting one (and i have other plan/priority for the little money that i am getting *wink, future, wink*).

yesterday, i talked to our japanese contractor, and he told me it's only for a few days that we will be experiencing some glitches, one week maximum as they are still doing some off-site adjustments.

nakahinga ng maluwag ang lolo hehehe.

and today, everything's back to normal, at least on this blog. obviously, naka-log in nako. the web filter is now working and sad to say, it's goodbye to my flickr and multiply accounts. i still cannot view some blogs, like toe's (under the news advocacy sabi ng filter, di ko alam ano ibig sabihin) or sngl's (forum/message boards daw). i guess, from now on, it's going to be tough accessing anything wordpress related or some stuffs. sigh.

you can't have it all sabi nga, but at least, i still get to blog on my free time in the office (defensive no hehe) and can post something relevant like this or as thought provoking such as this.

happy weekend everyone, kanpai!!!

the Optimus Prime that i know

PS: it's a TRANSFORMERS' weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


one of the perks of living alone is you get to do anything you please *wink, wink*, i mean, you can arrange your furnitures the way you want it, you can watch any tv show or any film that you fancy, you can turn your refrigerator as your storage room (hehehe), and so on... the downside of it is, well, you also got to do everything by yourself, and it is not limited to just cleaning the house, cooking, washing the clothes and the dishes, ironing, you also got to fix or at least, learn how to fix little stuffs that your dad use to do.

enter a leaking faucet, then a detached/broken hose of the toilet flush...

who you gonna call? a plumber? super mario brothers? dial 911? or make a long distance call to quezon and ask my dad to come over and fix it?

nah. i have to learn the ropes. fixing these things is not rocket science, it only requires common sense and your body's ability to bend to the extremes hehe. and taking notes of the measurements, too. hehe

for a few days, the toilet flush is not working so the buhos, old-school style is the way of life. i bought a hose (i forgot how it's being called, faucet hose? hehe) 1/4" to faucet opening and 1/2" to angle valve.
easy does it? WRONG!!!!

the 1/2" to angle valve is small! i thought the size is standard, syempre mali ako. geez, i have to rush to the nearest hardware store to buy a new one, a bigger one, nasayang tuloy yung P79 ko sa Ace hardware. anyway, nandyan na yan so might as well live with it. pwede naman syang reserba hehehe.

i have learned that when comes to anything construction-related, measurement is very, very important. na-perfect ko nga yung measurement ng tiles ng bahay tapos itong sa simpleng hose, eng-eng ako? hehehe. oh well, small details really matter.

anyway, after a 10 minute bike run to the hardware, and after a few twist at konting silip, the toilet flush is again running. yihaa, and i sweat a lot for this little work. mahirap kaya yung halos nakadapa malapit sa likuran ng toilet bowl, good thing mine is clean (pano kaya kung tubero ka tapos dugyot yung cr na aayusin mo? ay, wag nang isipin).

and the other leaking faucet in the sink is just a walk in the park. with a generous serving of vulcaseal pa yan ha. chicken!

one step to being a DIY-man. :)
enter super mario brothers' theme song hehe.

Monday, June 25, 2007

How much of the Phils have you visited?

i saw this in one of the threads in flickr, being a C traveler, i still have a lot of places to see in our country, and that includes a tour of Quezon and see Polillo island (i was born, raised and educated in quezon and it's a shame i haven't set foot on or haven't explored the other side of my beloved province), a batanes trip and palawan exploration next year, more visayas and mindanao destinations and more mountains and beach to photograph, and more philippine sunsets to capture!!!

well, if my wallet will allow me, why not? but if a generous soul will be kind enough to shoulder the expenses in exchange for some pictures and blog entries (nag-solicit??? hehehe), who am i to say no to it? hehe. seriously, there are sooo much to see and that thought excites me no end (i am not sure about my wallet though c",)

what about you? how much of the philippines have you visited?

below is my traveller's map and my grade (does C means i am a failure???):

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Friday, June 22, 2007


minsan, tumayo lang ako sa tabi ng aming pintuan
ayun, nauso ang boy next door.

minsan, naglakbay ako sa isang bayan,
ayun, nauso ang crush ng bayan.


ang nagagawa nga naman ng trabaho hehehe.

happy weekend everyone (sana makapag-post nako ng matino next week).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

samu't saring usapan.

usapan ng dalawang aso:

Aso 1: pare, ang laway daw natin ay may rabies, at ang rabies daw ay nakakamamatay?
Aso 2: o tapos, ano'ng problema?
Aso 1: nalunok ko yung laway ko pare, kinakabahan ako!!!


usapan ng dalawang pusa:

Pusa 1: pare, umalis ka nga sa tabi ko at nahihirapan akong huminga!
Pusa 2: o eh anong koneksyon?
Pusa 1: HELLO?!? me hika kaya ako! allergic ako sa fur! meowww...


usapan sa isang jeepney:

Pasahero: manong, me bayad ba kapag bata?
Driver: wala.
Pasahero: kapag kandong?
Driver: wala rin.
Pasahero: o anak, upo ka, kakandong ako sa yo.


tanong: bakit hinihila ang tali?
sagot: kasi mahirap itong itulak!


Monday, June 18, 2007

something's missing

my blogroll.

for the last two weeks, i think, my blogroll is missing (or is it just messing?). for reasons beyond me, i cannot view it. what's wrong kaya? my internet connection is okey (well, sometimes it's slower than the "usual slow"), i can still access this blog and view it and can also post some bits, but the blogroll and those under it are, well, nawawala!!!

i can see all posts, the clock, the flicker photos, my profile and that's it.

if you visit this blog, can you see my blogroll on the lower right side as well as the shared items and the nba widget? even babel?

if you also see some unwanted, r-rated ads (verns saw one), please inform me as i didn't allow it.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Black and white

i am posting these pictures to put some activity on this blog, i am not suffering from a writer's block or a blogger's block, i am just pretty much preoccupied with a lot of things (a.k.a work, work, work).

pero isingit ko na rin to (hehehe, at di rin nakapagpigil).

yesterday, i talked to a certain employee of a certain embassy (not japan), she was just inquiring about payments but she's so full of herself, and even on the phone, she is throwing her weights around. being the coolheaded that i am, i explained to her that this is like this and this is like that, and if you want this you have to do that, etc, etc.

but a loud person usually never listens.

in short, she doesn't want to abide with the company rule, our rule, and she wants it her way. why is it so? because according to her, she is from this certain embassy.

and i told her, "and so?"

and then, yadda, yadda, yadda...

i cut her off by saying "you are just an employee of the embassy, you are not the embassy! so stop throwing your weights around and for a minute, be respectful to whom you are talking to!"

and then, a moment of silence...

hahaha, tagumpay! and i am amused at myself that i say those mouthful, maybe because the last thing that i want is to be belittled by a fellow filipino that because they are in a way connected to this or that, they can think they are way above the ordinary mortals. sorry, wrong person to talk to. mabait ako kung mabait ka, pasensyoso ako pero wag kang abusado, at mas bastos ako kung bastos ka.

she deserves it anyway (and now, i am rude hehe), and name-dropping doesn't work for me, we have our rules, follow our rules. simple as that.
and did i say i have tons of work? hahaha.

a chair will do. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Anawangin 360

taken on top of a "mountain" separating two coves in anawangin. can you hear the whistling sound of the wind? and waves? wow? wow!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Anawangin 360

taken on top of a "mountain" separating the two coves in anawangin. it was around 4 in the afternoon but a bit dark as the rain has just passed. can you hear the whistling sound of the wind? and waves? wow? wow!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sarap! subtitle: Tuhog (Jatujak at Kopi Roti)

magmula nang mabasa ko sa blog ni anton ang tungkol sa Jatujak at sa marami ring positibong feedback tungkol dito, ako itong medyo fanatic sa thai food ay di mapakali hangga't di ko natitikman ito. OA, pero ang mapuntahan ang Jatujak ang naging goal ko sa buhay sa ilang linggo ding nakaraan. hehehe.

at heto, nung sabado, pinasyalan ulit namin ni lyn ang Mall of Asia. Una, upang mag-apply ng postpaid cellphone line sa smart wireless center (wala kasi sa glorietta at parang nalalayuan kami sa megamall hehehe) at pangalawa, ang subukan ang jatujak.

sandali lang naman yung processing ng application ko, since nakahanda na lahat ng requirements at parati naman akong nakangiti, wala pang sampung minuto tapos na kami, sabi nung girl, tatawagan na lang daw ako tungkol sa status nito. ah okey. ganun naman pala, sana lang ma-approve hehehe.

paglabas namin ng swc, ang harapin na ang aking goal sa buhay ang pinag-aksayahan namin ng panahon, hinanap na namin ang jatujak. sa may entertainment plaza daw yun. sige, lakad, lakad, naman! nasa kabilang wing pala kami! lakad pa hanggang narating namin ang open air plaza.

saan dito?? hala, excited na ang lolo nyo, parang isang batang sabik na sabik sa jollibee. AYUN!!!! nasa left side pala sya kapag nakaharap sa plaza/dagat, buti na lang nasa second floor na kami. yes!
sinilip muna namin ang menu (baka kasi mahal eh kuripot ako hehe), hmm, ayos naman, comparable sa Som's (sorry ha, di ko nagawan ng entry to) ang presyo at parang walang tao sa loob (maaga pa kasi, 5:30 pa lang). me lumapit sa aming mama na mas maputi sa akin at sabi "ser, mam, welcome to jatujak". uy, naka-tsinelas lang ang mga waiter hahaha.
antagal ko tong hinintay, tara!!
Jatujak (cha-tu-chak) refers to the world's biggest weekend market in Thailand
habang hinihintay ang food (anong gagawin mo kapag me kalbo sa likuran mo? reflection ko po yun)tom yum soup all shrimps, medium (P172) at apat na pirasong hipon, good for 4, not your usual kind of tom yum soup, parang tom yum na sinigang but still good.

bagoong rice (P110) good for 2-3 persons, with pork bits
veggies springroll (nalimutan ko ang presyo), 5 pieces, big as in biiiig serving (medyo mamantika lang)
chicken pandan, 5 pieces, and double the size of your regular chicken pandan, yummy!

medyo nagsisi kami kung bakit andami naming inorder, hindi namin naubos (at least me take out), dalawa lang kami pero yung isinerve sa amin ay good for four-five persons, nasanay kasi kami na hindi ganito kalaki ang serving. pero masarap sya, sa uulitin? pwede!

me iced tea pa pala (P40 for glass, P55 for bottomless). take note, malaki yung glass ha. taaalll glass of iced tea yan, tapos ako nagbottom less pa hahaha.

damage: P754.00 (kasama na ang P33.00 na Service charge, at P87.00 na VAT)
matapos naming kumain, umikot muna kami, ayun, naka-iskor pa ko ng U2, ang paborito kong brand ng tshirt, naka-50% off!

habang umiikot kami, naisip ko ang Kopi Roti. isa pa tong matagal nang pinagbalakan ng grupo pero di matuloy-tuloy (ang tawag namin kopihan), at since di namin alam kung saan ito, patuloy kaming nag-ikot (pag-iikot at paghahanap can be used interchangeably hehe).

at presto, sabi sa kodigo ni manong guard, nandun sya kabilang wing, sa tapat ng teriyaki boy. at eto ang kopi roti:

kopi is a traditionally brewed coffee with condensed milk as the sweetener, meron silang anim na coffee combo meal pero yung set ng Kopi at kopi bun, at kopi at Kaya toast ang aming kinuha, na parehong P75.00!! not bad ha, kesa naman mag-starbucks kami na P110.00 kape pa lang yun na na nilagyan ng pampataas ng cholesterol!
maliit lang yung space nila, pero nice yung interior

yun nga lang electric fan-powered ang aircon! kanpai!
ansarap kumain at magkape!
san kaya ang sunod?


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