Tuesday, August 28, 2007

after the break

look who's back?

it has been more than 10 days and what a 10 days it has been. i have a lot of stories to tell, more pictures to share and more memes to answer hehehe. for the meantime, just a glimpse of where i've been...

there will be more, i am just facing a flooded inbox, tons of work (well, not really tons but piles), phone calls and anything that needs attending like i've been gone for months!
hay, ansarap magbakasyon...
(i am a bit disoriented, don't know the date and don't know the day hehehe)

Friday, August 17, 2007

flickring hope: the entries (and the winner is...)

on my post a couple of days back, i promised that i'll post all the entries in our photoshoot and since i already got the nod of all the photographers involved to have their pictures posted here in my humble blog, ladies and gentlemen, with pride, the entries in flickring hope: (and good luck to me for all the links, andami nito! hehehe)

1. from Buboy1

2. from kool.angot
3. from zippinoy (uy, ako pala yun hehe)

4. from W512W

5. from bullish1974

6. from uckhet

7. from fatal.vampyre

8. from [2]rokbot[2]y

10. from jobarracuda

11. from canlasa

12. from hiraya

13. from lalaine_garcia

14. from manfrommanila

15. from dbqueen

16. from chriscab

17. from mrbinondo

18. from i_am_bishop

19. from carvin22

20. from wen_cam

21. from marct

22. from rene_apilado

jobarracuda won the nikon d40x (his entry was my bet to win the top prize, as his shot is really interesting, he captured it beautifully and i was awed the first time i saw it, galing ng composition nung shot no?)

w15w was second place and got the giottos carbon fiber w/basic ballhead tripod

marct was judged third place and went home with the lowepro camera bag.

and zippinoy went home tanned hehehe. with all honesty, it was worth the experience and given the chance, i'll do it again.

again, in behalf of all the participants, we bow our heads to Flickr Philippines Administrators for coming up with this event, and we're looking for revenge, este, looking forward for more photoshoots pala. hehehe (me pamamam yung si jobarracuda kaso di ako nakapunta).

speaking of di ako nakapunta, di muna ako makakapunta at makakapasyal sa mga blog nyo for at least a week, mamamasyal muna ako. but i'll be back with pictures and answers to all the memes thrown my way.

happy weekend everyone, kanpai!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On a high

and also tired.

bonifacio monument in fort bonifacio

friday night was the start of my three months basic mountaineering course (BMC) with Yapak Mountaineers, Inc (YMI) and it was also the first night of our weekly runs in Fort Bonifacio. coming from cinemanila for watching a Penelope Cruz-starred and Pedro Almodovar-helmed Volver, i breezed from mrt cubao to guadalupe only to be stopped by a loooong line of people exiting the guadalupe station (it took me about seven minutes). and as a result, i was late for the 7 pm run, good thing i wasn't the only one, even some members of the committee were also late hehehe.

it was, i think, at least a 2 km run. a light run but still a tiring one. and we have to do this again on the next day and the day after it and the weekends after it until october 2007.

and there are movies to watched and badminton games and a couple more hours of malling. and of course the lectures (red cross, rappelling, water safety, etc) and our training climbs culminating in the Mt. Pulag summit.

all of a sudden, my weekends are full!

while waiting for the others
last sunday afternoon, i brought my camera, and i captured some shots while jogging and doing our stuffs (di pa ako nagsawa eh araw-araw nandito ako hehehe).

prelude to sunset

we'll be having our first training climb this coming friday at Mt. Batulao in the boundary of Cavite and Batangas, and it's going to be exciting as we will do it via a night trek. yes, night trek for our first climb! coolness!


i am keeping my fingers crossed that i can finish the entire training and without sacrificing the other schedules that i have (me make up climb naman hehehe) for the next three months.

ramdam ba ang excitement? c",)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

sa basura, me pera

and i mean, literally.

the other day, while dodong and chedeng were generously giving us the needed water in the form of rain and floods, and since i wasn't able to come to the office because the heavy downpour, the entire day was spent sleeping, err, sleeping and some cleaning.

i open one huge box of memorabilias (read: basura) that i've been keeping for the last ten years that are basically just collections of papers from work. i found a ten year old working paper, audit guidelines, reviewers, my payslips (yes, for the last ten years hehe), some bank documents, ITR's, i even found one bag full of pens and diaries i think i hoarded from the company i am working some years back hehehe. and now, what will i do with them? dyusko, antigas na ng ink at yung mga diary? para sa year 2001!!!!

when i open one brown envelope, i see more papers and a red envelope, yung binibigay kapag christmas o di kaya chinese new year, it was dated Feb 1, 2001 and when i peeked inside, look what i just found:

one US dollar and 500 indonesian rupiah!

not that it will make me richer, but it was really a surprise that i have at least a P47.00 (when converted) hiding in this box full of office works. at ang linis-linis pa nung money! hehehe.

i also saw some old works of mine, some scribblings and a few poems written from boredom or just a way to stretch my imagination (i'll post some in the future).

hmm, now i am wondering what will i see next (baka japanese yen sa susunod hehehe)...

happy weekend! kanpai!

Monday, August 06, 2007

flickring hope

yesterday was the much awaited flickr philippines one day photoshoot at the QC Memorial Circle. it was a contest but more on the fun side and at the same time an EB and the opportunity to meet the faces behind the flickr forum was as exciting as crossing the Elliptical road.

at first, being a point and shoot user, i was intimidated with all the awesome dslr's around me, can my four year old digicam compete with them? but a couple of minutes after the orientation and with the assurance that the playing field is leveled, i have forgotten about the competition, this shoot is for fun nga pala, and with all the laughters, who'll think it's a contest?

it was a four-hour shoot with the title of this post as its theme. quite a theme, right? you can see the theme in two ways, either as positive or negative, like a half-empty, half-full scenario, like meron pang konting pag-asa o pawala na'ng pag-asa. i am overly excited that i can't think of any concept, quite ironic that the area is so big and so full of happenings and then here i am pounding what's left of my brain to have that creative juice flowing. it took me two hours plus some shots that are not really related to the theme and walking the entire circle (twice or thrice ha) before i can can come up with my little entry. kelangan ko lang palang maalikabukan hehehe. but seriously, i think for the first two hours i put so much pressure on myself to come up with a shot, a good shot. but it's not coming. so i relax a bit and loosen that stiffness for thinking that it's not good enough, or that scenery is so common, or it has been done already, etc...

i am not expecting anything from my first photoshoot/contest or that my shot will turn the world upside down so the last two hours were spent just enjoying what i am doing and look what just happened, i am taking more pictures, more ideas, better angles and oh my, i am satisfied with them (but still, not related to the theme hehehe).

the flickr philippines group is a bunch of nice guys who are sharing the same passion for photography, the get-to-know-you after the contest was spent almost all the time laughing. these guys are serious about this stuff, although i am not yet the good photographer that they are, at least i can try to mold myself like one, sabi nga nila, practice lang yan. what's so amazing about them is that they are more than willing to share what they know and will offer you a technique or two about photography. nice di ba? nalimutan ko na nga ang friendster dahil sa flickr eh hehe.

and with the dslr-point and shoot discrepancies as to the overwhelming technical and technological superiority of dslr agains the p&s , well, it's not really a big deal to them, madalas nga nilang sabihin "wala yan sa pana, nasa indian yan".
true, but i still want a dslr. hehehe (and did i mention that the grand prize is a Nikon d40x?)

NOTE: my entry is not among those posted above.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

just my imagination

(WARNING: if you can be offended easily, don't read this)
am i seeing things?

no, not another orbs sighting. but these clouds, one morning on my way to work, formed into something and i can't help but have this nasty/bad/naughty/malicious grin on my face upon seeing them. i used my cellphone camera to capture "the moment"

am i bad? i don't know. maybe my imagination just gone too far? pwede, but what was it that i saw/imagined? let's just say, i have a pornographic eye/memory. hehehe

i don't wish to offend anyone here, there are things more offensive than the above. just blame my eyes and the green mind that comes with it if you like.

do you see what i see? *wink wink*


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