Monday, March 09, 2009

My father told me something in my dream...

I remember Lyn and I slept early that evening, and then I saw my father, very young looking and peaceful, he was wearing a polo shirt and he was with some people whose faces i cannot see, just white-blurry moving images surrounding my dad.

"Dinalaw ko lang kayo." he told me smiling.

He said something though I cannot recall what it was, or maybe I didn't understand, but I remember myself saying "Oo nga Daddy, sana nga."

I was about to say something and talk to him again but I woke up.

The next day, I told my wife about it and she said "Baka naman numero sa lotto yun, di kaya? hehe" I just smiled and remember that the lotto jackpot is nearing the P200 Million mark. I also told my mother about it and she said the same thing (lotto numbers).

It was only maybe one or two weeks ago when I found out what my dad's telling me and no, it's not about lotto numbers and I am not one of the two winners who split the more than P350million jackpot...

It's more than that, and an early birthday gift.

Yes, that's two lines for positive!!! Good news Pilipinas!!! We're going to be mom and dad soon. :)


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