Friday, April 27, 2007


The word Shangri La comes from the novel The Lost Horizon by the English writer James Hilton who coined it to give a name to a mysterious country hidden in the Himalayan heights; "a place of harmony, happiness and joy".

This word has since become a symbol of a paradise on Earth.

And the Philippines own shangri-la is Sagada.
(this picture was taken from wowphilippines)

tonight, we'll be leaving for Sagada, and am I excited? in my case, the word excited is an understatement as i've dreamt of the place a couple of nights already (i thought i saw caves, trees, and morbid as it may sound, coffins! the hanging coffins' what i am thinking of the latter). having dreams of the place is what i get from thinking so much of it and bombarding myself with so much informations, tips and pictures that i could possibly get from the net.

i started packing as early as sunday, but some of friends have their baggage/s ready two weeks earlier! see? our group's not really excited no? hehehe.

last night, i double checked everything, from what to wear on what days (including sandals, beltbag, cap, jackets, yes, jackets), to gadgets (camera, batteries, spare batteries, memory sticks, flash drive, tripod, chargers, ziplock cases, USB cable), to trail foods (remember the belvita episode? hehe), toiletries and other necessities (flashlight, swiss knife, notebook, pen, even extra plastic bags).

so far, so good.

and it's also good that the couple who backed out yesterday (due to complications with leave schedules or something) will join us once againn eventhough they have to go back to manila by sunday and be there in the evening, at least the original group is still intact.

haa, a few more hours and it's hello fresh air, hello mountain tea, hello red rice, hello yoghurt house, hello hanging coffins, hi echo valley, hello caves...

and hello icy-cold water! (balita ko P40 ang isang timbang mainit na tubig)

hehehe, and good luck to me, sana di ako sipunin.

*excited, excited, excited!*


Pahabol na post: i'll be back on May 2, or May 3, or May 4, basta, hahaha, feel free to leave something here, i'll get back to you as soon as i can, or maybe i can blog from there... *grins*

*excited, excited, excited!*


tina said...

seems like ready ka na talaga ah.. and di naman maxadong halata na excited ka ano ? ahihiih

o cge ba.. call me kng magawi kayo dito ahihihi,

enjoy the trip

Sidney said...

Enjoy Sagada! It is a wonderful place! Bon voyage!

jho said...

talagang prepared na prepared na kayo for your trip.

enjoy the nature!

sexy mom said...

the nearest i have been to a shangrila is in Bhutan--it's in the pristine Himalayas, where they allow only about 5,000 tourists each year. oh, yes, view is breath taking, air is clean. am lucky to have been there 4 times!

but i would like to visit Sagada someday...yes, one of these days. i look forward to your pictures.

snglguy said...

HAve fun and take loads of pictures to post, ok? :-)

Belle TH said...

i've heard of Sagada before and i would be excited too as it is a beautiful place! make sure to take lots and lots of pictures to share.

it is nice to be able to get away from the city to give your body a chance to detoxify.

ey said...

wow! enjoy and have a safe trip. take a lot of pics. never been there & i hope makapunta rin someday. so for now, bring us there with your kwento & pics. :)

lazarus said...

enjoy your trip zherwin. Looking forward to your pics. pangarap ko marating ang lugar na yan.

rhodora said...

Sagada is a very romantic place! Be sure to take photos. Aabangan namin, ha?

zherwin said...

everyone, thanks for all the comments. i am still having some hang-over of the trip and already missing the food and coffee of sagada, i'll post something later. :)


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