Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm officially missing you.

badminton games
scavenging during mall sales
thai food
new shirts
little tokyo
and so much more...

as we usually do the above on weekends, and our weekends are now plastered with new destinations and priorities, i am now starting to miss the smell of the mountain, the dirt on my shoes, the swoosh on the court, the expensive movies and the expensive coffee that goes with it...

changes, changes.
and priorities.
kaya yan. bawi na lang after. :)


(taken last March, my last climb huhuhu)


jho said...

ako, i miss going out with girlfriends. and eating out kahit alone, playing volleyball, at marami pang iba. :((

ganun siguro talaga, kailangan iset-aside muna yung mga wants natin kasi mas importante and Needs.

Sexy Mom said...

nice verses, and pictures, maybe if i look further in your blog, i will find your sunsets.

btw, i also have a poem blog

Rudy said...

Hayaan mo na muna ang mga yun, may mas importante ka pang dapat paghandaan gaya ng wedding dress, hehe... :-D

Panaderos said...

Don't worry, Pards. The two of you will have a lot of time to enjoy all those activities and moments together. You'll have a much more sweet and fun time then.

Anonymous said...

hamo na zherwin. makakabawi ka rin. hindi naman aalis ang mga bundok. andiyan pa rin sila bukas.


zherwin said...

jho, totoo, saka me time naman sa wants after masatisty yung needs di ba? saka part yan ng pagtanda hehehe.

zherwin said...

sexy mom, wow, that reminds me that my last sunset picture was months ago!

zherwin said...

rudy, meron nang sumagot ng wedding dress, ang problema ko yung barong ko kasi nagtatago yung sponsor sa singapore hehehe.

zherwin said...

panaderos, that's what i am thinking, and i am also looking at the bigger picture, naks.

zherwin said...

atticus, honga, kaya nga di muna ako nagpapakita sa mga bundukero para wala masyadong inggit na maramdaman, nakikipagkita lang ako dun sa mga di rin active sa pag-akyat hehe.

carlotta1924 said...

gosh, tell me about it. been going through changes meself and i can already hear old manila calling to me hehehe.

sige, priorities muna. then enjoy =)

zherwin said...

carlotta, correct! tiis-tiis muna tapos... :D

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