Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aliwan Fiesta 2010

Dubbed as the Philippines' Grandest Fiesta, this festival gathered the country's most celebrated festivals in one place, imagine the combined colors and energy of Sinulog, Dinagyang, Panagbenga and a lot more, there's so much color, so much energy and so hoooot (figuratively and literally speaking) to shoot.

I was there last weekend, and despite the raging El Niño, participants, lots of photographers and onlookers filled the back of the Mall of Asia in Pasay. I think the huge prizes (think 1 million!!!) in different contests (Streetdance, float and photo) pumped up the level of excitement in the area. I was there just to shoot and in about five hours of sweat, I downed 2 gatorades, 3 bottled water and a large mango shake.

Though my skin was burnt, I am excited for next year, and I know now what to do next time to maximize the time and where to exert more effort in shooting.

I'll post some more later. :)


Hilda said...


Ang tiyaga mo sobra. Ako, I'll never experience this. First, I hate crowds; and second, I'll just melt in the heat. If I were twenty years younger, baka kinaya ko pa, pero definitely hindi na ngayon. ;D

Looking forward to your other photos!

zherwin said...

hilda, muntik na akong matunaw kamo hehehe, but it was really an experience, i may not be able to go to all those festivals, but in aliwan i get to experience them, and exhausted i maybe, i had fun, 5 hours of it!

carlotta1924 said...

ganda ng mga kulay! ok ka talaga kumuha ng pics. :) i have yet to experience that aliwan fiesta. was in the area tho when they were still hanging the banderitas and building the stage heheh.

bing said...

lovely colors! but like hilda, i hate crowds.

zherwin said...

carlotta, first time kong nasa kalye talaga, exciting!!! the last two years kasi laging umuulan!

zherwin said...

bing, thanks.

but you can enjoy it without being with the crowd (at minsan nandun yung excitement)


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