Tuesday, July 19, 2011


okay, so much about me being back, or the promise to be back. :)

i just can't find the time.

i used to rave here even the smallest thing, but now, i just can't find the time.

i used to rant here even the smallest thing (thus the reklamador in me), but now, i just can't find the time.

i used to post loads of pictures of even the smallest things here, but now, i just can't...um, wait, i have time, even a little, for that, i am just lazy to upload them. :)

and so, whoever reads my blog deserves an apology for me not posting so much. even though the blog world would not care if my little online world exists, you still deserve an apology.

i hope to be really back (there i go again hehe).


EngrMoks said...

welcome back tukayo with a Z - your tukayo with a S. LOL

carlotta1924 said...

welcome back! :D

apology accepted. sarap ng cake! hehehe :)

zherwin said...

salamat, toks, from tokz :)

zherwin said...

carlotta, thanks. :)

bing said...

well, maybe there isn't enough to go back to? i refuse to say or believe that blogging is dead. is it?

zherwin said...

bing, i do not want to think that blogging is dead, it was just overwhelmed by a phenomena called facebook, maybe after the hysteria, bloggers will go back to blogging and not fb-ing (kasama ako dun hehe). :)


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