Friday, October 14, 2011

It's been a while...

Three years, well, almost three years.

That's how long I've evaded the call to travel.  It was a choice, actually, and no regrets whatsoever.  But when I got the chance, I didn't let it pass and the experience awakened what I thought I already lost (if I have it, in the first place hehe).

The recent little Batangas adventure in Blue Coral Beach Resort was a breath of fresh air.  It feels good to be out again, to have the sand actually touch my feet, to have that salty water enter my ear and reddened my eyes.  And it was also the first time in, well, almost three years, that I got to take pictures of subjects other than my wife, my daughter, our garden, our food, our house and the little mementos inside.

I finally got to take landscape pictures!  And landscape, I mean of nature, sea, sand and not just plants and insects on our garden (and even ants! hehe).  I normally shoot sunsets, but the location suggests that would be almost impossible, so next the best thing is sunrise, and that means waking up earlier than what I call early.

4 AM, and it's raining!  Goodness!!!
5 AM, the rain had stopped but the lazy me is still on the bed. Goodness!!!
Finally, I went outside a little past 5:30, though I am not the only soul on the beach (some young men are playing frisbee perhaps to shake off their hangover), I'm glad I went for it, otherwise, i wouldn't be able to take these:
my first sunrise in long exposure
right timing

the fisherman
as the sun rises, the boat rests...
The above shots may not be award-winning, it may not be even considered for one, but it feels good knowing that the passion is still there, and the need to improve and learn more is alive.

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carlotta1924 said...

respect for the lovely, lovely photos. i especially like the first pic and that of the fisherman.

respect too for being able to evade the call of travelling for a long time. ako mag-iisang taon pa lang na di makalabas ng maynila mangiyak-ngiyak nako. ahahaha


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