Wednesday, July 04, 2012

it's da part two (Aliwan Fiesta)

I KNOW. It's been months after the Aliwan Fiesta. And it's been so typical that I have a delayed post. Forgive me, but I long for the time when blogging is the only online vice I have, back to the time when Facebook is not yet that big, Friendster is only social media everyone's have and it's on Multiply where we share pictures. Oh well, Facebook wouldn't be called game-changer for nothing, and it not only changed the game, it also changed the frequency of my blog posts big time!!! And I blame Facebook for all the delays hehehe.

It took the announcement of the winners of the photo competition (and that was last week weee!) for this post to materialize. No, I didn't win (as I did not join), but looking at those winning shots made me realize that it takes guts to enter a competition and actually win. And you know what? I maybe standing next to one or two of the winners as I have similar shots/angles such as theirs (talaga lang?!). I am in the right place and yet I was so gutless to join, sayang, there's next year naman hehehe.

Anyway, since it took me a long time for the second part, I'll just bombard you with pictures of the street dancing competition. Enjoy!

Wow, I didn't realized that it's going to be this hard to choose pictures from almost two thousand shots! But I definitely had a good time going back to that very hot day with my camera and smelling of sun block. I can't wait for next year!!! VIVA!!!

(I may post some more...)


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! You should have definitely joined that contest.

Bing said...

sayang, you should have joined. nothing loose if you lost, at least you've tried. :D next time, do it, i dare say!

btw, these are wonderful, colorful, happy pics.

zherwin said...

Anonymous, thank you. :)

zherwin said...

Bing, next year, itaga na natin to sa bato hehehe. :)

ardee sean said...

hindi pa ko nakakadalo sa ganyang kagrandeng pyesta satin... ang kukulay.. pramis, sasadyain ko talaga to sa susunod.. :)

Keith said...

Great shots! You really have the highest chance of winning. I tell you! :)

Sayang, you have to join next time... congrats in advance!

zherwin said...

ardee sean, ngayong April na ulit ang Aliwan Fiesta. maki-aliwan na!!!

zherwin said...

Keith, thank you. I should be more confident next time. :)


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