Friday, May 11, 2007

Danum & Bokong (the Sagada tour, episode 4)

Danum is water, so Lake Danum if translated is Lake Water. wala lang. :)

to start our big day, we were served a heavy breakfast (in St. Joe's Cafe) of longanisa, egg, red rice (and more rice), veggies, one-to-sawa brewed coffee, and tomatoes (i love tomatoes!!!) sorry, no pictures again, except for yoghurt house, ganyan talaga ako kapag gutom, nalilimutan mag-picture, naaalala ko na lang kapag malapit nang maubos yung food hehehe. we need to be fully loaded especially with carbs as today's a big day, we need all the energy we could get from carbs. :)

taken before breakfast (para lang magkaron ng connect sa post hahaha)
first is lake danum.

it's a small one, parang ngang liguan lang ng mga baka (or toilet ng mga baka), but the scenery is amazing, parang New Zealand (naks, parang nakarating na ko hehe), the water is almost still, the reflections of the trees are just beautiful, the grass was perfectly lawned as if someone's regularly maintaining it, mountains on the other side add flavor to the serenity of the lake. with such a nice place like this, i can go nuts with my cam. here are some shots:

my preciousss

san ka pa? (the group)

under the shade (of a mountain? of trees)

yehey! (i took, via a tripod, five or six shots, and this is the only decent jump)

solo lang dapat ni lyn, me sumali

an effortless pose (go julie!)

31 (count 'em)

the last picture is the only family/group picture taken na kumpleto (and i initiated it), and i thank my tripod for being with me, otherwise, dalawa lang ang kalbo sa picture. :)


after danum, we went to another water, the Bokong falls.

Bokong falls, or small falls as what others may call it, is part of the river that irrigates the rice fields and is the "child" of Bumod-ok falls (Big falls), which, unfortunately is not part of our itinerary as it will eat at least five hours of trekking (which is just okey, at least Big falls is one good reason why we need to go back to Sagada).

going to the falls requires a few minutes of walk, pababa ng bundok, pababa, pababa. going down, the view is gorgeous (don't you just love sagada, seems like every view is beautiful) with a few baby rice terraces on the left and on the right, grasses that you need to hold on to or else, may paglalagyan ka (sa ibaba! hehe).

according to our guides, the basin/natural pool of the falls is deep, about nine-ten feet and the running/falling water is stronger during the rainy season. how was the falls? take a look:

yabang! (i like this shot and it was taken by lyn)

we went up using a different trail on the other side of the mountain, it's still steep but at least steps were made and there's something we can hold on to.


we didn't get to do the picking of wild berries due to time constraints. oh well, there's always next time.




melai said...

ang saya saya naman ang gaganda ng mga shots at ang ganda ng lake danum..yeah alam ko yang danum na yan e puro ilokano kaya mga tao sa bahay :) pero kaming magkakapatid hindi ilokano lol!!!

and speaking of tripod dapat pala may tripod ako :) bibili ako tripod teka magkano ba yan? lol! pag mahal hindi na lang :)

ey said...

great pics, so crisp! u captured the scenic views and of course, the moments..all so well! i can feel the fun too! :)
thanks for sharing...

trying hard akong magpaka-photographer kaya i really appreciate well taken pics. kse nung kinakarir ko yan :) i've realized na di pala madali esp. pag may gusto akong outcome ng shot na di ko mapalabas. to get good shots, one must really have an eye for it and im pretty sure you've got it! ;)

Wil said...

I've been to Sagada many times (my mum is from there), but I don't think I've been to lake danum or bokong falls. maybe I have, but i just didn't appreciate it when i saw it. ;) anyway, i will try to check out those two sites on my next trip there. thanks for the info. :)

kathy said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I'd lived in Baguio City for four years, but never got the chance to visit Sagada. Sobrang iniinggit ako ng cousins ko na nakapunta na ron. Someday, huh? :)

Toe said...

Grabe, ang saya ng bakasyon nyo! Ang dami-dami nyo! At ang dami niyong kinakain, ah este, pinupuntahan na magagandang mga katubigan sa kabundukan. :) Buti na lang talaga dala mo si tripod mo kc ang ganda ng group pictures mo. :)

zherwin said...

melai, malaking tulong ang tripod! yung lightweight lang ang bilhin mo wala pang 1k yun. :) yung tripod ko regalo lang sa akin ni lyn kasi kawawa naman daw ako dahil lagi akong wala sa picture hehehe. :)

zherwin said...

ey, ako rin trying hard. :) one thing na natutunan ko when taking pictures just enjoy and don't put so much pressure on yourself, dapat hindi laging nag-eexpect ng magandang outcome, ako kasi kuha lang ng kuha, kahit gumagalaw yung bus o nasa topload ng jeep, kapag okey ang grip ko sige shoot lang ng shoot. and thank God for digital cameras hehe :)

zherwin said...

wil, if we're seeing the place regularly we tend to ignore it and/or overlook it's beauty, the lake and the falls may looked ordinary with the locals but with a tourist it is something new and that's why we appreciate it so much we ended up over-acting hehe. :)

zherwin said...

kathy, from BAguio, you are just six hours away to Sagada! yeah someday, you should go there, some people think that sagada was like baguio forty or fifty years before its commercialization (think of the smell of pine trees)

zherwin said...

toe, we can't help but eat in sagada, ansarap ng food! :) my tripod's always the first thing i packed when we're going somewhere, kelangan otherwise wala ako sa group pictures. :)

mon said...

Ganda ng kulay ng langit sa group picture.

Ang paborito ko ay yung JUMP!

Tol maganda ba yun wide angle lens? gumagagamit ka ba? parang sa panoramic views lang yata yun, but I've seen one done at ang ganda ng kinalabasan.

zherwin said...

mon, the best ang wide angle lens for panoramic views. pangarap kong gumamit nyan pero dapat DSLR ang camera ko (which is still at least two years away from being a reality). ang ginagamit ko kasi hanggang ngayon ay yung 4 yr old kong Sony cybershot, binabawi ko na lang sa diskarte at angles yung limitations ng camera ko.

watson said...


zherwin said...

watson, that should be enough motivation para matuloy ang sagada nyo! :)


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