Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yoghurt House

and the epic that is Sagada tour continues...

after what seemed to be like a never-ending bus ride and a sweet and sweaty trek to the hanging coffins, a grand dinner is just what we need.

and grand it was and intimate as well. :)

enter the Yoghurt House. this small restaurant which is just a few minutes walk from the municipal hall is a must try when one is in Sagada. along with Masferre, this should be on the top list of where to eat and where to go to. though small, as it can only seat maybe 20-25 persons, it has made a name for itself, the long line of those waiting to be seated (both foreigner and local tourists) is enough proof how popular and how good this supposedly breakfast house has become.

when we came to sagada, our group is only seven (okey, there's lyn, me, julie, mau, mark, beng and kit) and then it became 10 (add pam, yuyu, and val). see, friendly kami eh (at maingay hehe). after the caving, the 10 becomes 31, but more on that on a later post. :)

as we are a big group, we occupied three tables, the first two we combined as one while the other table is where beng and kit seated, medyo humiwalay sila kasi di na talaga kami kasya! as the attendant sensed that we may bring chaos because we're all hungry, she immediately handed us the menu, wow, veggies everywhere! (gusto ko pa sanang mangulit kung bakit yoghurt house ang name ng resto pero di ko na lang tinuloy baka palabasin ako hehe).

i ordered this, i think it's called beef vegetable rice (P120).

and lyn ordered tuna vegetable salad with yogurt bits (P90).

and the nine of us ordered the house bestseller: yogurt with banana, cereals and strawberry for desserts (val i think, ordered yogurt with banana and asked why she did that, para maiba daw and later on, nagsisi sya hehehe).

the food was served in 10 minutes, wow! considering the place is jampacked, it's way faster than masferre's, and the server can explain to you what you'll eat with her eyes closed and doing the jumping jack (kidding hehe). the food was good, the food was good, the food was good. did i say it's good? well, what can you expect with fresh ingredients? they just need to slow down on msg, you can smell it. but i'm not complaining...

and then the dessert.

whoa! it was yummy, it was yummy, it was yummy! first, for P80.00 i thought the serving was small, but i ate my own words as the yogurt and all its accessories (lol at accessories) i thought were expanding in your stomach as they were very filling that after eating half of it, i am already full! hmm, it is only then that i observe (ang slow ko naman) how the yogurt is thicker than what we have in the grocery, and with that thought (aside from the fact that it is creamy) nauumay nako!! but despite the sawa effect, i was able to finish it, yes! next time, share na lang kami ni lyn sa isa (sweet!).

it was a perfect dinner, good food, good company, nice restaurant, smart attendants, and when we're about to leave, i just realized para palang United Nations sa loob, me pinoy, me japanese, koreans, caucasians, hmm, ibang level ito hehehe.

we left at around 8:30, it was cold outside and so it's just natural to wear our jackets/sweaters, i don't know if it was funny and/or insulting, habang kaming mga pinoy ay balot na ng jacket, bakit itong mga koreanong ito ay mga naka-spaghetti strap at short shorts? naka-sando pa sa lamig na ito? nasa beach? hahaha, malamig nga pala sa kanila at summer na ito sa kanila. :)

there's a 9 pm curfew in Sagada, so we need to be back in the inn by that time because when the church bell signalled it's 9 pm, doors will be closed, our inn included. hindi na kami nag-pasaway kasi hindi kami tagarito, we just obeyed the rule as what a good tourist should do.

we bought a rice wine and tried it in the inn, i don't know the alcohol content of it but it tastes like vinegar and i didn't feel any tama from it.

and while we're doing a rice wine tasting, i snap these shots.

we rested earlier than scheduled as the next day will be one big and tiring and exciting and suspenseful and hanging kind of day.

NEXT: lake danum


the philosphical bastard said...

that's such an interesting place.

Belle TH said...

i always give good tips when the food is great, the service is quick, and the waitress/waitresses are attentive and courteous.

sagada seems like a fun place to visit.

Toe said...

I heard that besides the yogurt, there's something else that's interesting in Sagada... the hashish... hehe! :) But your food looked real good... and I really like the sound of banana with yogurt and cereals... healthy pa. Yogurt is good for you. :)

vernaloo said...

ahhh excited na ako sa LAke Danum Win! Ang ganda ng kuha mo...shucks puwede na! hehehe

Anyway sarap naman ng food...parang nagutom tuloy ako :)

jho said...

sarap naman. Kakagutom!!! And to think na malaki yung serving nila.

May 9:00 pm curfew???? ShockS! What will kapag lumagpas ka sa curfew???

Gina said...

Ang ganda pala ng effect ng local wine tasting sa iyo- nagiging mas artistic ka! Tingnan mo naman ang shot ng lonely upuan!
Alam mo, talagang ginutom mo ako with all those food pictures. Ikaw talaga, di pa naman ako nakakapag-almusal pa! I can see you really were having a blast with all your friends during your trip. That's truly wonderful!

zherwin said...

philosophical bastard, sagada is more than interesting, it should be experienced. :) an interesting name you got there too. :) thanks for dropping by.

zherwin said...

belle, fun it is and best for bonding!

yes, we can always rave about the place we like so everyone can experience what we have experienced. :)

zherwin said...

toe, yogurt is healthy pero medyo nakakasawa din sya, but it does tastes good! :)

zherwin said...

verns, pang-pwede na ba ang level? at least, umakyat na from "uhm, okey lang." hehehe. :)

zherwin said...

jho, yes merong 9 pm curfew, pero wala namang mangyayari sa yo (like ikukulong ka or something)yun nga lang, talagang pagsasaraduhan ka ng pinto to the point na kelangan mong umakyat ng bakod para makapasok hehehe (pero sabi, basta magpasabi ka lang sa inn na medyo male-late ka pagbubuksan ka naman, otherwise, akyat-bakod na yan after 9 pm!)

parang tradisyon na sa kanila yun at practical practice na rin para maminimize ang crimes (zero ata sa sagada, kung meron man, turista ang involve).

zherwin said...

gina, totoo, food ang isa sa masarap sa sagada. sagada is such a nice place to bond with friends and newly-found friends. :)

des said...

wow! love the pics. kkgutom!
what an interesting place to visit!

zherwin said...

hi des, back from a long hiatus? where have you been?

watson said...

Zherwin: humahabol ako sa posts mo. One post at a time para namnamin ko ang bakasyon mo sa Sagada na sana ay naging kami rin last Holy Week pero naudlot.

I will keep in mind your recommendations kasi umaasa ako na matutuloy pa rin kami within the year. Hwag moag-order ng yoghurt with banana, check. hehehe

Very nice trip. Very nice stories!

zherwin said...

watson, we might go back again before the year ends, depende sa sked. :)

on yogurt with banana, i am not saying that it's bad, it's just that the person who ordered that thought that what we ordered (with banana, cereals and strawberry) was better than hers, i told her, well, i did my sagada research hehehe. :)


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