Friday, February 01, 2008


last december, during Yapak's christmas party which i was not able to attend because it falls on the day that we will watch Avenue Q, i was nominated for some awards (nine categories, i think) and i was able to bag three of those! holy camote, how did that happened is beyond me hehehe. the certificates were given to me just recently, and i was like, wow! i could be happier if there's a cash prize too, but there's none, so yun, wow lang. hehehe.

i got the Early Bird award because i am a bird, este, i am always early (like 30 minutes early) whether it's a regular training run, preclimb meeting or other activities, and then i'll end up waiting for at least an hour before we can start whatever's on the agenda. kainis no? i am always reprimanding them (in a nice way of course) for coming late, and remind them constantly to be at least considerate of others who are making an effort to come on time. ayun, ganun pa rin sila, manghihingi na ako ng fine next time.

Endurance award! Yahoo! Education defined endurance as a noun, it is the act, quality or power of withstanding hardship or stress; the state or fact of persevering; continuing existence, duration. in short, i am superman! i am a superhero! YATTA!

Rookie of the Year. naks! sounds like i am an outstanding newbie, a newcomer who brought in slam-banging dunks, gravity-defying drive to the hoops or that perfect treys from the rainbow country or the mind-boggling steals and the no-look pass... wait, that's basketball! i am a rookie mountain climber, and i am the best for the year... what? every newbie's given a rookie of the year award? you mean, ALL OF US? and, this is generic? waaaaaah

hehehe, bitter.

seriously, i am thankful for those, it means that they noticed and took note of my efforts, and the sweat and muscle pains and sacrifices on climbing mountains were rewarded. to my YAPAK family, even though you already saw and know how idealistic i can become, how opinionated and how i can be a fighter for what i know is right, thank you, thank you, very much appreciated. :)

there is just one thing that the group hasn't explained and justified to me yet, WHY I DIDN'T WIN IN THE VIDEOKE KING CATEGORY?!? where is justice, where is justice??? hehehe, maybe it's their one way of saying "pwede bang KAMI NAMAN ang kumanta?"

oh, i'll include that in my targets for 2008, to win in the videoke king category! promise. lol

happy weekend everyone, we'll be in Anawangin for YAPAK's teambuilding, kanpai!!!!


Sidney said...

Congratulations! Three awards! You must be good!

Ferdz said...

Wow! Congratulations Zherwin! 3 out of 9 panalo! Mahirap ka pala kasabay sa climb nyan, baka unahan mo kami palagi hehe.

lazarus said...

hopeless ako sa mountain climbing.

Congrats on your awards, Zherwin!

zherwin said...

sidney, thanks. :)

zherwin said...

ferdz, hindi naman, gusto ko lang nasa lead group para mauunang makarating at mauunang mag-rest kasi mauuna ring mapagod. hehe.

zherwin said...

thanks lazarus, kaya mo rin ang mag-climb, fit ka naman dahil sa badminton di ba?

Abaniko said...

Where's the "Crush Ng Bayan" award? C'mon show us the fourth certificate!

carlotta1924 said...

umpisahan mo na magpractice sa magic sing =)

congrats sa mga awards! =)

vernaloo said...

win yung ENDURANCE noun talaga yan hehehe

Anyway WAY TO GO dude!!!!! I'm so proud of know, like a proud Mama hehehehe so ganun na lang yun? walang libreng fishball? hehe

zherwin said...

abaniko, there's no "crush ng bayan" category, give-away na raw kasi eh. hehehe.

zherwin said...

carlotta, thanks, bumili na ulit ako ng bagong magic sing chip hehehe. :)

zherwin said...

verns, noun ba yun? di ko alam hehehe.

sige me libreng fishball at softdrinks saka siopao, pero pagkababa ng bundok! :D

anywhere_Smile said...

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