Friday, February 15, 2008

Breaking the code

i psyched myself to finish the remaining breakdown of expenses, and i know i can do it even before lunch time. my momentum is building up, suddenly, the boss asked for a little favor: "Please read and correct a certain memo." i said okay for i know it's going to be simple.

as usual, i was wrong. forgive me, but my little brain has abandoned me:

"We would like to inform you of the pick-up of your child(ren) at the get-off point during take-home and the measure to be taken in the near future.

1. Current situation
The parent is supposed to meet his child(ren) and pick up at the get-off point, before the bus arrives at the pick-up point, considering that the period when the bus leaves ___ and arrives the pick- up point (except the blue pas high school student holder).

However, when the bus arrives at the get-off point, the parent and/or the equivalent is not found there. As the bus has to wait for the parent, that might cause bus operation afterwards and also troubles the parent who looks after with kindness until those who do not come on time to pick up, come there.

2. Confirming matters and the measures to be taken
The parent should pick up their children at the pick-up point at designated time, in principle.Under the special circumstances, the family maid and/or the driver comes to pick-up point to receive the children, the parent should confirm whether they are at the pick-up point.
With some special reasons, in case that the parent who is asked by the another parent to pick up will tell the bus attendants to receive the other children.
The parent and/ or the equivalents shall wait for the bus to enable the attendants to confirm them.
The parent shall inform the bus company and/or the bus delegate of his/her cellphone number or landline

The School Bus Committee expects the current situation will be highly improved. However, if it is no development, it will be discussed in the School Bus Steering Committee and the new measures taken by imposing the penalty will be examined.
Therefore, we strongly request the parent to follow the rules and observations.
Thank you for your consideration."
i don't know what's wrong with me, but i don't get this. dapat sanay na ako sa ganito as i am doing the "translation" every now and then, but this time, i need to read, re-read, re-re-read and read more.
lost in translation.
and there's one more coming. waaaah.
good thing, it's friday! happy weekend, kanpai!


Panaderos said...

Whoever wrote this letter did a very thorough job of bastardizing the English language. Hahaha I also got a headache reading it for I knew that it needed nothing less than a total re-write. :)

Belle said...

di ko rin gets. i thought it was some kind of joke. it needs to be translated into layman's terms for simplicity and brevity. i noticed, too, that there are many passive sentences in the memo, which makes it flat without impact.

wanderingcommuter said...

dumugo ang ilong ko at biglang sumabog ang computer ko!


Lazarus said...

i'd rewrite the whole thing.

but you have to discuss the whole thing to whoever drafted the memo.

i wish you all the best on the translation! ha ha

jho said...

ano ba yan? matutuyuan ako sa binasa ko. hahaha

zherwin said...

panaderos, my boss is a japanese so okey lang, the problem is kahit daw sya sumakit din ang ulo hehehe

zherwin said...

belle, i agree, i prefer using basic english as much as possible para walang complications hehe.

zherwin said...

wanderingcommuter, hehehe.

zherwin said...

that's what i did, at nakipag-kwentuhan din muna ako sa kanya at yun, naintindihan ko ano gusto nyang mangyari.

zherwin said...

jho, actually ang reaksyon ko: "hala, ano ito?!" hehe

vernaloo said...

nawindang ako...actually last Friday ko pa to binasa pero di ako maka-comment, I mean badtrip kasi tong internet connection ko...wala lang, nagpapaliwanag lang hehe

Toe said...

Parang taga-dito sumulat nyan ha. :)

zherwin said...

verns, okey, tanggap na ang pagkawindang, este, paliwanag. :)

zherwin said...

toe, parang ganyan din yung mga subtitle ng mga pirated dvd hehe.

Abaniko said...

Simply put, "Hey parents, come before ____ at the pick-up area. If you're not there to fetch your child(ren), you'll have to fetch them at this office ______."

O di ba, Mas simple? Hehe.

Abaniko said...

Ops, may kulang sa suggested memo:

"...or else, we will feed your child(ren) to the hungry crocodiles."

zherwin said...

abaniko, mahirap yan, child abuse leading to murder na yan hehehe.


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