Friday, February 26, 2010

Solo flight

Last Monday was a holiday, it was a long weekend (for all schools) and long weekends in the past were spent mostly on travels. Since i am the only one that has no office (i work in a school), no travel this time.

And I have nothing to do.

But I do not want an entire day to just go by and do absolutely nothing, so, since I have not used Zeus for quite a while, I thought of doing a photowalk with Me, Myself and I, without any clear plan of where to and/or how to.

I give Manila a try. I picture in my head a Quiapo-Sta. Cruz-Intramuros-Luneta-UP Diliman whole day affair. I rode the LRT, take a jeep and walk under the blazing sun. With no sunblock, no hat, and a small umbrella. Initially, my backpack only has Zeus in, but after the Quiapo trip (and a very dissapointing no shots taken!), it was also loaded with lanzones, oranges, pears, longans, grapes and a pair of slipper worth P35.00! (Nag-photowalk pa ako no? mamimili lang pala ng prutas at tsinelas hehe.)

I was tempted to do Sta. Cruz-Binondo via that street behind the BPI building but I already did that in the past and maybe there's a better time in the future to be back there.

I walk towards the Post Office, turn in a corner, saw an old, abandoned building, took some shots and then I am lost. hehehe. Not that I am lost, as in lost, I am just not familiar with the place. I walk some more and found myself in the Bureau of Immigration area. whew.

I took some long walk inside the Intramuros, and told myself to look for Fort Santiago. You're right, i cannot find it. I am not even sure where is Fort Santiago hehehe. Damned myself for not being prepared, sayang ang pawis ko! I rode a jeep going to Luneta, went to National Museum for a visit, but it's a Monday and it's closed. In Luneta, I want to go inside the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, but since it's a Monday, they're all closed!! waaah.

It's almost noon, and I am sweating like hell. With disappointments left and right, with gates closed and the penetrating heat, I licked my wounded guts inside a fastfood and ordered a nice looking breaded shrimp only to be disappointed more with its breaded taste. HAY!!!

You may be wondering where are the pictures? (The above were from a different photowalk hehe) Well, I told you I wasn't that prepared, so halfway through my Luneta rendezvous, a red thingy appeared on the lcd which means that my battery is now low, and nearing empty. wehehehe. But i was able to take some, and i'll post them later.

And forget about the UP-Diliman, hanggang Luneta lang ako hehe.

Happy weekend!!!


pusang kalye said...

ganda ng performance ni Zeus ha. kung ako, kahit mag-isa ako nat si Zeus lang kasama solve nako dyan. sometimes, we have to rejoice when we know that we can do things on our own and were still okay.....

哪一個 said...


zherwin said...

pusang kalye, totoo pero iba pa rin yung pinaghandaan yung solo trip hehe.

carlotta1924 said...

ayus sa trip ah. :) yung pinagplanuhan at yung spontaneous they have their own merits. personally mas gusto ko yung latter kasi mas nakakatawa yung adventure :)

zherwin said...

carlotta, tama! at mas madaling alalahanin di ba? hehe


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