Monday, February 08, 2010


the last time i was in this situation was months before i got married, or almost two years ago.

i felt that if i am going to push for it, i'll regret it later, or if i decide against it, then, i might regret it, too. i weighed the pros and cons (not that there were a lot), thought about it a lot of times, I even saw it in my dreams, and i stared at my reflection more than a hundred times.

i tried it before and actually liked it. i was on it for about a year and i thought i'm not going to stop! months before the wedding got me thinking, do i have to continue this or not? apparently i returned to my good, old reliable self. and was on it for the rest of the way.

but not until now.

not until when the mercury started to rise, not until when my sweat glands started to feel the galloping heat of the sun, not until the early onset of summer.

but i am still undecided.

though i am yet to see it on my dreams, i am now starting to stare at my own reflection, and imagining the first time i had it.

undecided? i think i'll give myself a few more moments, then i'll give in.

bokalbs. :)


carlotta1924 said...

pag nagpakalbo ka ulit, palagyan mo ng design. astig yun! :)

atticus said...

kahit anong itsura ng buhok mo, pogi ka pa rin.

yes, i'm your friend.

hi lyn!

zherwin said...

carlotta, yan yata ang di ko kaya hehehe. high school yata ako nung nauso yung clean cut tapos me design na peace sign sa gilid (si francis m ang nagpauso nito), ayun, yari sa CAT ang mga nakiuso hehe.

zherwin said...

atticus, thank you ha, pipicturan kita, libre. :)


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