Thursday, March 15, 2012

One sunset (in a low batt camera)

We just had an event at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila a couple of days back.  We were asked to come at around 6 in the evening, and since Roxas Boulevard is notorious for a sudden build up of vehicles for no apparent reason/s, the traffic paranoid that we are came early, 5 o'clock to be exact!  We were seated at the lobby waiting for the clock to strike 6, I am almost feeling the call of boredom and the soft cushion of the lobby chair is making me sleepy. One of my colleagues who is also drowned with boredom came up with the most amazing idea I have heard in the last 60 minutes: go to the pool area and watch as the sun sets.  The mere mention of staying away from the lobby is enough to pull me off from dreamland.

Some minutes later, we were at the pool area, with people in their swimming attire and us in our tie and suits and the girls in their evening dress, and I still wonder why they are staring LOL.  Anyhow, the sun is still bright at that time, not the golden one I am expecting, but such brightness is also a beauty (sunset is always beautiful) and ideal for silhouettes. There's one catch though, my camera is issuing a warning: low bat!!! So much for being prepared hehehe. But despite the warning and before it fade out on me, I was able to take some shots to share.

Since my camera is near dead, I was glad to take everyone's camera and be the shooter, never mind if I wasn't included in any picture, I'd rather be the one taking photos than be the one being photographed.

When we're inside the hotel, I checked again on my camera and I was glad that it's still alive, got a few more shots of the food served, and then it's bye-bye.

To be fair to me, I normally check the battery and charge it if it need be, it just so happens that I cannot find the charger thereby low battery (nag-explain pa talaga hehehe).


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