Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Worth it?

It's all over: on prime time tv, on billboards, on your Sunday paper, on four corners of the grocery, even under the escalator complete with a promo girl. You won't miss it as your friends are also talking about it on Facebook and some strangers on the MRT or the shuttle service.

Magnum Ice Cream.

Yeah, the P50 ice cream that's making the rounds of its media glitz and successfully caught the ordinary people's attention and curiosity. Some magnum lovers are all in chorus in praising it ("every peso is worth it!!!") while some naysayers are branding it as some glorified pinipig crunch ("so overrrrated!"). So, the curious me looked for it one Sunday, and while doing the grocery, I managed to see a freezer full of the Classic and Almond varieties. I took the Almond, and Lyn was like, "isa lang yan? bakit ang mahal?!" I paid for it so that settles the argument hehehe.

We didn't eat it right away, we waited until we're at home and I almost forgot about it until I unload the grocery bag. So I immediately took it, look at it, open it, took a bite, close my eyes, and scratch my head. Did I like it? Let me put it this way: If the word almond is not written on its glossy packaging and I just happen to have a look on the ice cream itself, I would confirm that it's like a pinipig crunch, only smaller. And if you are thinking that this is the ultimate ice cream, you're very wrong. I am not convinced, and my wife agreed with me this time, that it is not worth all the praise releases but the Belgian chocolate coating is sooo good, it's like I am eating a, well, chocolate. But I cannot say the same with the vanilla ice cream, it is just that: vanilla, and not an extra-ordinary one. The saving grace here is the chocolate coating, and it is the one that my tongue remembers. I even forgot that there are almonds LOL.

For most of us, the P50 price tag is expensive for some minutes of icy cold sweetness on our mouths. It can even buy five ice cream on stick, or 10 scoops of dirty ice cream. If you want to stay away from your usual sorbetes, this MAY be it, but for its price, there are some better alternatives such as FIC and even the Korean ice cream Melona!

I do not agree that Magnum Ice Cream is the best there is, but I do agree that they market it really well that we are here talking like it's the impeachment hearing. I wonder what will Sen. Miriam Santiago would say if she tried one...whaaa!

There are three flavors, I think I'll also try the other two hehehe...


dong ho said...

i would also say that it was good but not something that id be going back again and again to buy it even at a lower price

zherwin said...

magaling ang marketing strategy nila, i think it's just a fad, it'll go away once the curiosity panned out.


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