Wednesday, March 12, 2008

beatles' world

i still have the Beatles love bugging me in a good way, my head is still dancing with their songs (nothing's gonna change my world, nothing's gonna...) and the unusual humming every now and then can really get the attention of whoever's near the 10-ft radius. a combined aftermath of watching Across the Universe.

got enough of the Beatles?

surprise! surprise! it's Beatles' night in American Idol!

I haven't seen the entire show as of this writing but I was able to take a peek on some of the Top 12's performances including that of Michael Johns, my bet to win the plum (although if there's money involve in the betting, i'll placed it on David Archuleta as he's the chosen one), and guess what? he sang across the universe!

i am a fan of his voice, i like the Eddie Vedder-ish rocker's tremble, the confidence to hit high notes and the ability to make the song his own.

want to see the video? go here.

you may also want to hear Ramiele Malubay's rendition of In my life. go here.

for anything American Idol, go to Rickey's site, a US-based Filipino blogger who's an avid follower of the show, and considered the "fastest" when it comes to uploading the videos.

for sure, i'll be seeing the show later, but for the meantime...(nothing's gonna change my world, nothing's gonna...)
UPDATE: i already saw the entire show, and some of the arrangements were trash! goodness, what have they done to Eight days a week? for reasons beyond me, i actually liked Carly Smithson's (sp?) Come Together (but still, i am not a fan). and i thought the braided guy somehow missed some tunes when doing the falsetto.


Panaderos said...

"In My Life" is the Beatles song that's the most personal and meaningful for me. A great John Lennon composition. :)

vernaloo said...

hmmm question!

"Imagine" is not a Beatle song? di ba recently lang sila naging okay sa mga Beatle songs? baka John Lennon song yung Imagine hehe anyway kung considered Beatle song yun dapat si David hindi na kakanta hehe joke.

Anyway I already bought popcorn...bring it on!

lazarus said...

"i've just seen a face" one of my faves.

i love the lyrics

desfingers said...

hi zherwin

salamat sa muling pagdalaw sa aking e-bahay. matagal din akong nawala at bumalik lang mga ilang linggo pa lang ang nakakaraan.

ingat lagi! :)

zherwin said...

Panaderos, i can see that on your blog, because when it comes to personal stuffs, you used "In my life" as your tag. :)

zherwin said...

verns, it's a john lennon song post-Beatles era. medyo magulo lang, kasi ang sabi Macartney/Lennon songs ang kinanta ng mga idol, di ko alam kung compositions nung dalawa during the Beatles era or ewan.

hayaan na nga lang natin sila hehehe.

zherwin said...

lazarus, andami nilang songs na magaganda ang lyrics, actually halos lahat. hehe

zherwin said...

thanks des, at least ngayon updated na ulit. :)

Toe said...

8 Days a Week was horrible. :) I watched it last night. As Rickey said, our poor baby David Archuleta choked. :)

Naku, wag mo aawayin yung guy with the braids... magagalit si Verns. :)

vernaloo said...

so now you want to make okray my boyfriend JC????

loko lang...I do agree. Yung last part, medyo nawala sa tono NG KONTI hehe pero kahit na. Magaling pa rin. Yun nga lang simple lang yung song. Buti natanggal na si D.Hernandez. I don't mind if he's a stripper but I do mind him lying. He once said he don't know how to ano yung mga moves nya sa stage? Ano tawag dun??? (okay verns calm down!)

zherwin said...

toe, sayang maganda pa naman si krisy lee cook, sana di nya pinagpilitan yung country version nya, she's no carrie underwood!

david must be feeling the pressure already. me tsismis na Over sa pagka-stage dad ang father nya, to the point na nang-harass sya ng contestant sa star search para mapanalo si david. eto, sampung taon gulang lang yung batang pinaiyak ng tatay nya! scary. sana di totoo.

zherwin said...

konti? basta me part na falsetto, sumasabit sya!! hehehe. world peace.

verns, napansin mo ba yung mga langaw ba yun na lumilipad-lipad sa ulonan habang nagsasalita si JC? bakit kaya? nagsa-shampoo kaya sya? hahaha.

bugsybee said...

Zherwin, I think that people of my generation could virtually memorize most of the Beatles songs (I even have a set of Beatles dolls given to me by my mom way back in 1964!).

Me, diehard Beatle fan and I think that, even if I like a lot of new artists and I even listen to hiphop and today's rock, nothing will ever replace the music of the Fab Four.

Which is why I am amazed and happy when young people like you are Beatle fans too.

I like, like, like David A but my goodness, I was disappointed with his performance this week. He was a let down. I hope he does better next week because he's always very good. I also liked Come Together but 8 Days A Week was like a slap-kick-blow to the Beatles. Insulto!

Ramielle was okay but then again, I'm biased. :) I hope she comes up with a song that is more, er, bombastic because she really has a lot of talent.

And yes, Imagine is not a really genuinely Beatles because it was a John Lennon creation... I mean it was done after they split up.

Ayan, carried away na tuloy ako!

Welcome to The Beatles Fans Club.

Rudy said...

Ah Beatles... I used to know by heart the guitar chords of many of their songs.

zherwin said...

bugsybee, i like the Beatles because of the universal appeal of their songs, and the melody and lyrics were written superbly, gawa ng mga henyo!

beatles forever!

zherwin said...

rudy, playing the guitar is one of my frustrations. wala kasi akong pasensya, aargh!

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