Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aliwan Fiesta Photography competition

just got this piece of news from the Manila Bulletin:

"Manila Broadcasting Company is mounting a photography competition in line with his year’s Aliwan Fiesta, scheduled on May 1-3 at the CCP Complex in Pasay.

The contest, which carries the theme "Sayaw, Padyak, Indak" is open to both amateur and professional photographers, using digital or film-based cameras. Photos of the streetdance contingents must have been taken during the competition period, and should not have won nor have been published in any book or photography magazine. Entries must be printed in full colour or any brand of photo paper in 8R size (8 inches x 10 inches)."

To read the full article, go here.

The top prize of P50,000.00 is sure to grab the attention of top photographers out there and everyone who's holding or owning a camera (including the trying hard and wannabes like me hehe).

Ano kaya? I might try on May 1, as we'll go back to Cagbalete on May 2-4...

Sasali o sasali?


Abaniko said...

Give it a shot. You've nothing to lose. I may go there on May 3, 4:00 pm.

zherwin said...

abaniko, you're right, thanks. :)

Sidney said...

Good luck ! I am sure you know already what to do with 50,000 pesos!
Enjoy !

zherwin said...

sidney, i'll buy a new camera! wuhooo. hehe.

the donG said...

ayos! sana ako din kaya lang ala namang kwenta ang camera ko. nood na lang muna siguro ako.

good luck zherwin.

zherwin said...

the dong, ako rin di ganun ka-high tech ang camera (5 year old digicam ang ginagamit ko) pero eto, sugod lang ng sugod hehe.

sabi ng mga maestro, wala raw yan sa pana, nasa indian yan. (pero ang mga indian ngayon, di na mano-manong pana ang gamit, high-tech na rin hehehe)


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