Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weddings 101: The first step

It has been said that the journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or the first step.

And in the preparation for a journey to a thousand forever, where or how to begin?

First on the list would have to be the date, yes, the wedding date and not who to invite, who to do the gown, who the photographer, who'll do the catering, etc, etc. There will be a lot of time for those, but first thing first, when do you plan to get married?

Choosing the date can be very tricky, depending on your preference, you have about 365 days to choose from. Some couples followed their religious beliefs, some according to feng shui, some according to their anniversary/ies, some even because it was what their parents want! The latter is not really healthy, at least on the part of the couple as they allowed others to decide for themselves, not a good start, really. And, for some couple, time is of the essence. :)

The wedding date should be on top of everything because as you look for the wedding venue, reserve for a caterer, inquire for a make up artist, talk to a photographer and meet other wedding suppliers, the first question they will ask: "When is your wedding?" or "Wedding po ba, kailan?" I think that's the protocol as they also have to check their schedules and/or availability, so there.

I believe the wedding date should be decided by the couple and should not be pressured by outside forces. To begin with, it's their wedding, di ba? Lyn and I were lucky enough not to have meddling parents (meddling friends, marami hehehe), and the date we choose was acceptable to them, my mother and my future mother-in-law were even overly joyful of our choice.

Aside from the religious significance of our chosen date, we also look into the practical side of things and consider the number of months that we'll need to prepare, checking the busy months of our work (me: budgeting sessions, auditing, enrollments, etc. and lyn: sales calls, branch visits, mandatory schooling, exams, etc) and the timing for our "funding". If someone will say that eight months is a long time to prepare, i'll say not really but it did give us enough room to schedule everything.

Now that the first step was taken, real works begin.


lady cess said...

life is going to be hectic, but it's going to be a lot of fun for both of you.
kelan nga ba? exciting ito!

jho said...

Congrats! kelan nga ba? Religious significance... meaning sa mga dates na lang na iyon ang pagpipilian namin...

atticus said...

iyong mga friends ko na magkakapatid na puro boys, namanhikan weeks ago. wala kasi silang nanay at tatay.

the night ended with my friend smoking again, after two years of quitting!

and the family of the girl controlled everything, mula sa date, hanggang sa number of guests. umuwi silang nanginginig pa rin. bwahahahaha! kalalaking tao, puro nerbiyoso.

Allan Barredo said...

naku! mahirap mag plan ng wedding especially if lahat gusto makialam hehe. when my wife and I were planning our wedding, we made it very clear to all parties that the date and the venue is not up for discussion. Its our wedding, we are going to spend for it, so we should be the ones to decide when and where. they should all just sit back and wait for the invites :D

Bridal Lingerie said...

I'm not sure if I can be as brually honest as Allan but I don't want our day to be ruined.

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Thanks in advance for the help.

atticus said...

uy, nice picture sa header. winner!

Panaderos said...

People may suggest or recommend dates, venues, photographers, etc. But one thing they should not do is impose those things on you both. You and your fiancee are in the best position to decide what's best and appropriate for your wedding. Best of luck. :)

Rudy said...

Hmm, huli na ako sa pag-greet but here it goes anyway: CONGRATS PARE. Meron bang bachelor's party? :-D

If I were to get married again sa huwes na lang. Simple lang at no hassle pa, hahaha. :-D

Gypsy said...

Uuyy!! I missed your last post!! How exciting!! Congrats ha! Hope everything from wedding preparation to the day itself will all go well--and of course, this also goes for the marriage itself most especially. :)

watson said...

uuuy congratulations! I remember our wedding plans... 1 year kami nagplano! Pero parang kulang pa rin ang oras! It was fun nonetheless. Fun na may konting worry kasi baka may makalimutan kami.

Leah said...

Naku malapit na pala. I guess you're all set for a pre-Christtmas wedding.

Parang ambilis ha? I guess, mga pros talaga kayo sa wedding preps and planning.

All the best and I am sure all will go well.


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