Thursday, March 22, 2007


bo. skinhead. bokalbs. yeah.

for the first time since birth, i let my barber cut my hair almost bald, no, he razorred my hair to its almost baldness glory, cool.
when the hair is gone, before and after: episode one

that's how i wore my hair more than a week ago, gelled/waxed to stand up to its end. now, i don't have no use, at least for the remaining summer hot days, for my bottle of liquid gel and that white, cream-like hair wax.
anatomy of a skinhead: razor number three

i don't usually change my hairstyle (it's a guy thing, i think), i can count years before i can try another one. the safest haircut for me is the reliable barber's cut, but i also tried the gwapings look (haha, remember eric fructuoso?), the required and damned 3x4 haircut during my ROTC days and the untidy ehead's magbabanda college boy look (the latter's the result of my two years of being deprived of a decent hairstyle, thanks to ROTC).

when i started working, i made the barber's cut as my standard haircut, and then Jerry Yan and the meteor garden came, i let my hair grow a little longer to have that F4 look (now i cringed why oh why did i do that hahaha) but i also cut it after two months and tried the short, anime/spiked hair and have it for years until i decided to try skinhead, for a change.

i did a lot of thinking and did a lot of imagining at how will i look like after everything's done, how my gf, my friends, my officemates, my family and other people will react to this one big step for baldkind hahaha. it was such a big deal for me, like stepping into an unfamiliar territory, a psychological thing of walking blindly in a dark tunnel or swimming into the deep blue sea, simply put, i was undecided. and i haven't decided yet even after my barber started trimming my old hairstyle, and then like a thunder coming from nowhere in a bright sunny day, i said "pare, iskin head na natin!" in a flash, he held two razors on his hands, razor number 1 and razor number 3. i choose number 3 as I don't want my scalp to announce to the world that i am such a scarhead (aksidente, na-piko po ako sa ulo nung elementary dahil sa kalikutan) and so i can also have a little protection from the sun and a little security that i can grow it back, fast. hehehe.

and so it happened. in less than two minutes, my hair's on the floor and what remained on my head are just tiny strands of my once spiked hair and a scalp peeping brightly against the flourescent light. i did it.

...ayaw nila ng skinhead o kalbo

am i happy? yeah! but not without the initial shock and confusion. you see, with my old hairstyle, i rarely check my reflection on the mirror (confident??? lol) but with this new look, i STARE WIDE-EYED at myself! hehe. and after staring, there's the second look and a third look LOL. i was even confused at my own shadow because what i am seeing is a bald man's shadow and i am not, oh well, i am now, almost. haha.

my shadow (and not michael jordan's)

i actually liked it, and on my first day with this look, i got the attention of the entire world, sus, para silang nakakita ng kalbong multo! hahaha. the shock!

this one's best for the hot summer days, preskong-presko. and my bath time is now faster by two minutes as i shampoo (yes, i still does) my head, err... hair almost in an instant, i can now fixed myself faster by at least five minutes as there's no more gel/wax to put on my hair, no more combing, no more extra time for washing off my hands (for the wax as i applied it using my hands) and no more of those extra effort to have my hair look decent and have those butiki-killer look. i might wear it for the next three months. so good luck to me. hehe

i asked the barber kung bagay naman ba yung gupit sa akin, sabi nya "buti na lang, bilog ang ulo mo."

i asked lyn kung bagay naman ba yung gupit sa akin, sabi nya (after much thinking) "ok lang." hahaha. i didn't bother asking other people as they might just roll their eyes and ask what's that again? hehehe.

hmm, bagay nga ba (scratches head). ah basta, skinhead is cool. c",)


vernaloo said...

buti na lang kamo at di katulad sa hugis ng ulo ni Adam Sandler! bwahahahaha

zherwin said...

hehehe, at least kahit ganun yung ulo nya, mayaman na sya!!!

Gina said...

Very clean at presko! You might have made a smart decision especially now that it must be getting hotter in the phils. ano?
Ehermmm, Zherwin, huwag kang magba-blush ha--- magandang tingnan! Seguro yung gf mong lalong na-inlab sa iyo ano?

Sidney said...

Hahahaha... I admire your guts!
I wouldn't dare do that.

Looks good on you !

zherwin said...

hi gina, one of the major reason why i decided on doing it is the weather, as i posted previously, i am the sweat capital of the world and being skinhead felt really good specially when im out under the sun, and i can also feel the wind blowing in my scalp hehehe.

i think lyn's happy with it kasi tumatawa sya lagi pag nakikita ako hehehe. :)

zherwin said...

sidney, yeah it takes a lot of guts to do that and thanks for the compliment, i need that haha. :)

zelle said...

hmmm...sige na nga kamukha mo si Mark Herras! sabi mo kasi kailangan mo ng compliments! so ayan! :D

zherwin said...

zelle - mark rehas pwede hehehe.

sharon said...

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Anonymous said...

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