Friday, March 22, 2013

2013 Pyromusical: Italy - The Netherlands

Another quick post but with tons of pictures. :)

Following UK-South Korea's pace setting performances, expectations for Italy and the Netherlands went skyhigh, and boy, they gladly faced the challenge and the competition just got stiffer!

Italy, that early, can be a dark horse and can easily place within the top 5, but the top spot still belongs to UK.

Before the Netherlands' set, it is very obvious that I am rooting for UK as I was very much impressed by how they executed everything: music, fireworks and drama. Then here comes the Netherlands, challenging UK which I thought was impossible. Their fireworks were so spectacular, specially those that burst from the water! They're impossibly synch and just too good to be true. If I am to use awesome again, this is it!

The 20 minutes of the Netherlands (and of course, that of UK) amazing show is more than worth the amount of tickets that I paid for the entire competition. Unless defending champion Canada can pull a much better show on the last weekend (March 23), the Netherlands must be declared one of the winners, as UK should also be.

 This is what I like about fireworks and why I've been watching all these years. The experience is just...


backpacking philippines said...

nice captures. was looking at how the cmpetition turned out

Nikola said...

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ardee sean said...

ganda ng fireworks at ang galing din ng kuha mong night shots... gusto ko rin mawitness yan.. :P

Pwede ba malaki agad ang picture.. hihi


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