Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2013 Pyromusical: Taiwan & Spain

February 24. Second week of the 2013 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

If the opening weekend was saved by Finland's performance, the second Saturday between Taiwan and Spain was much better, and I was seated again at my favorite spot: the breakwater, the prize for being number seven in line. :)

The more than two hours of waiting can be a bit of a bore, so I let it pass by reading a book and by shooting the sunset. I get to practice shooting at long exposure, and experimenting on different settings. Landscape shooting in long exposure can be really addicting and I wish that I can have different angles to test this thing that I am actually new at. I've been shooting landscape when traveling but not in long exposure, and now I understand why landscape photographers are really passionate about it. There's something magical on that very smooth sea and sharp texture of stones.

On with the show! Taiwan, represented by Yung Feng Fireworks, started the night with an awesome display of huge fireworks, there were narrations and sometimes music cannot be heard, but it doesn't matter as their set is mesmerizing! It was also at Taiwan's set that I got to see for the first time, mushroom-shaped fireworks that explodes in different colors.

With huge fireworks exploding one after another, Spain must have felt the pressure, and the Spaniards, represented by Brunchu Pyro Experience, did not disappoint the fireworks hungry spectators!

the breakwater at 8:30 pm

Spain's fireworks were a bit smaller compared with Taiwan but they are more balance and have more distinct shapes. And they have better music, too.

If the finals is between Taiwan and Spain, it's a fight to the finish, or should I say, fight to the last boom, but I give Spain the night.

NEXT: United Kingdom and South Korea.

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