Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Pyromusical: UK-South Korea

This post is three weeks late, so to make up for the delay, here are the pictures, Enjoy!

United Kingdom: one word: WINNER! The Adele/Skyfall set, in terms of fireworks and music synchronization and design, is the best that I've seen so far.

South Korea: The UK's set is a tough act to follow. Though South Korea's performance is notably good (as expected they use Gangnam style as one of their background music) and their fireworks are also big and booming, they were just overpowered by the former pyromusical champion, UK.

After tonight's performance, the United Kingdom is clearly the front-runner, the level is excellence has just been raised and the other participating countries must have taken notice.

Next: Italy and The Netherlands


 They just challenged UK!

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