Wednesday, October 18, 2006

missed episode 5 of the Amazing Race

it was only last night that i realized, i missed the monday episode of the Amazing Race 10! what's with me? oh, the world trade center invitational screening.

normally, monday night is amazing race night for me, so basically after office, everything needs to be rushed (oh, if i can only tell the bus driver to drive crazy, i will) including my monday session in the gym, for me to be able to catch the replay of AR 10.

i just read in the recaps that they're in India and, it was a non-elimination leg. wow, mary and his husband (was that david?) were saved! there's an added twist though, unlike in the previous seasons where the group who came in last and saved in a non-elim leg will be mugged (like all their money and possessions, except their passports and the clothes they're wearing will be taken from them), season 10 will not do that. Instead, they will be marked for elimination, they should came in first the next leg, otherwise they will be given a 30 minute penaltyl. ooh.

i love this show.

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