Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the morning after world trade center

we went to the invitational screening of the new Oliver Stone movie: World Trade Center at the Glorietta last night. the invites said screening will be at 7:30 pm, so its safe to say that it will end at around 9:30. hey, it doesn't start until 8:15 and ended at about after more than 2 hours! there was a raffle, and we didn't win, so maybe that makes the waiting even more hmp! :)

i expect the movie to be a tearjerker, but surprise, surprise! it wasn't! i expect to be teary eyed just like the way Deep Impact (remember this elijah wood movie?) moved me because it will focus on family, relationships and the tragedy that is 9/11. i wasn't!

but i am not dissapointed either.

maybe it's a good thing that they did not make the movie to be as heavy as its theme. true, the image of the world trade center collapsing is still and will be always a shocking one, but they did not dig too much on this. they focus on heroism. they focus on what an individual can do to a fellow individual. it highlighted the fact that 9/11 not only showed what an evil can do but more importantly, it also showed the goodness of man, that no matter the face, the color or belief, it is human nature to help.

i also learned from this movie that the elevator shaft is the strongest part of any building. hmm, now i know where to run.

i really do not want to review the movie, but the images of nicocas cage and the other police trapped in the rubbles as they continue to talked to each other, encouraging each other not to sleep, etc has been in my mind since i woke at 4:30 am (4.5 hours of sleep, whew), i do not know what hit me!

maybe because it's a 9/11 movie and the memory of what happened that day will forever hunt the world.

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