Monday, October 23, 2006

Again, no one was eliminated


on the first time, it's understandable. the second time, it's quite unbelievable.

i am talking about the Philippine Idol. last saturday, it was pinoy band hits night, for Oct 21 show recaps, click here. and i thought that Arms, Mau and Gian were the night's best performers, Pow is also up there but as Mr. C puts it, she's starting to fall on the category of being good but boring...

sunday's results night is a different story. i am expecting that mau and gian will be in the bottom 3 again (i voted for mau a lot, but somehow Smart did not send the acknowledgment text for some of the votes i sent, i thought there would just be some delay until i completely forgotten all about it). I wasn't able to catch the early parts of the show (i missed the opening number featuring Mangarap ka by afterimage and the recaps of last saturday's show) and when i tune into ABC 5, Ryan says that he'll be giving a very important announcement.

uh-oh. what could this be?

there were a lot of feedbacks/calls from voters/subscribers that sun cellular (the other cellular network along side with globe) as well as Smart did not send them acknowledgment texts to their votes almost the entire Sunday! whoa, then i remember, that, yeah, i did not received any text/s from smart! and then Ryan said, "walang mae-eliminate! (no one is eliminated!)", but all votes will be carried over next week and that means two finalists will be gone by monday.


i don't know but i really did not buy the idea that because of some technical glitches, no one will be eliminated again? that means ken will be singing again next performance night? (oh btw, performance night was moved from saturday to sunday, and the results night to monday). geesh, he was badly lambasted for forgetting and mixing the lyrics of Eraserheads' Ligaya, Mr. C even commented that he is the cause of the early exit of Drae and Reymond, and again, he will be singing again next week?? again???

the last two weeks, the PI forum has virtually turned into a anti-Ken forum! with all kinds of accusations and theories like he's gay, he's buying votes, that jan's parents are helping him and other stuffs imaginable. to be fair, Ken can sing BUT he is not great, he can deliver the votes, sure, but what he's doing during his performances makes you more doubtful as to who really voted for him. i couldn't agree more with Mr. C when he said to Ken (like an in-your-face thing) that his journey with PI should have ended sooner or something like that. how very true (i really did not understand Ken's reply to this, i only heard something like "maybe i deserved this..").

there was this theory (again, from the forum) that the reason why no one was eliminated was because the bottom 3 were Gian, Arms and Mau, which according to some are the bets of ABC 5, and they do not want them leave just yet. ridiculous isn't it?

i really did not take the forum seriously because i know it is a playground for all the imaginable (there's that word again) things anyone can think of. but these things can also be true right?

anyway this is an idol franchise and with the franchise come/s the controversy/controversies.

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