Monday, October 30, 2006

Boy Scouts to accept girls?

what's up with the boy scout of the philippines officers? have they ran out of things to do that's why they issued a memorandum directing all regional directors to accept GIRLS IN THE BOYS SCOUT? again, GIRLS IN THE BOY SCOUTS??? coed camps are okey, but having girls in the boy scouts is not really a very bright idea.

sure, promoting equality and building a gender-less society is a nice gesture, but c'mon, leave the boy scouts to the boys and girls to the girl scouts! what are they thinking kaya? oh, maybe they're thinking that the girl scouts of the philippines will also do the same. LOL. it's one big crazy idea. just leave it as it is, there's no need for that.

the girs scouts of the philippines is, of course, not very happy with this.

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Anonymous said...

In canada the boys and girls are both in scouts togethe and it is great for the kids, easier on the leaders and allows more funds to go to the children through one organization instead of two.


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