Monday, March 19, 2007

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after Verns, i got my photos of the World Light Expo featured on the Philippines Today website. now, i can run outside and share the good news yihhaaaaaaa. LOL.

no, they did not asked me for my photos, i volunteered my photos for them to consider, kulang ako sa pansin eh. lol. :)

seriously, one time, when i visited their site, i found out that they're looking for contributors for their gallery and since it doesn't require any fee or for me to say "minikaniko ni monico ang makina ni monica" 30 times for two minutes, i did not hesitate to share with their webadmin some of my shots (i don't want to use the word "works", nakakahiya sa mga professionals). i was informed immediately that my photos were considered and it will just need a couple of weeks for it to be published because they need to feature first those that submitted photos earlier than i am (oks lang, kahit nga one year i am willing to wait lol). and they told me that they will inform me when it's already up.

and today, Baggy Bagarinao informed me that it's there already! yipee, yipee, yippeeee.

(and i let other bloggable things like the "razor number three" and our potipot island-zambales adventure last weekend to take a back seat and be posted later hehe)

hindi ako masyadong excited no?

thanks Baggy! (ayan, close na kami hehe)


vernaloo said...

wow naman! congratulations Zherwin...this is the start of a new career! lolz

zherwin said...

hanep sa career! hehe. sana nga meron no hehe

zelle said...

Congrats Zherwin! Magaganda naman kasi yung mga kuha mo! :)

zherwin said...

thanks hazel, pag may sipag at tyaga, may manny villar ka hehe. :)

zelle said...

hahaha! when i read your reply na imagine ko tuloy si Manny Villar na sumasayaw sa TV Ad nya. pink o peach ang suot!

zherwin said...

hehehe, uy, in fairness maganda yung commercial nya, natatandaan sya agad (parang yung mr. palengke ni mar roxas)


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