Wednesday, March 14, 2007

split seconds

last night, while i was sitting pretty tired from a gym session and trying to relax beside the driver's seat in front of the jeepney and while waiting it to be full, there's a jolly videoke session happening on a sari-sari store con carinderia on the other side of the street, maybe less than 10 meters from where i am sitting, obviously they're enjoying their every turn on the microphone and happily shouts, err, sing their hearts out, but in a matter of seconds, everything will be replaced by shock, grief, anger, shouts, tears and blood.

as i look on this sari-sari store, a white isuzu crosswind came in very fast and without any warning, hit the store and anything and anyone on it! walang sabi-sabi, halos nagiba yung tindahan, at nakaladkad at dalawang beses napailalim at nadaan ng gulong ang dalawang matandang lalaki! all in a matter of seconds!

the crosswind halted but not that long when throng of people, including traffic enforcers, came rushing and angrily towards whoever's the driver. the driver locked the doors and drive away albeit not that easily and almost hit anyone and/or anybody who's trying to stop the vehicle from leaving. but it's machine against men and that heartless driver never bother to look at what he'd done and screechingly left the scene. maaring nakaalis sya but he won't get away that far because the montrous traffic of the aguinaldo highway in cavite will stop him and the traffic enforcers had his plate number, radioed all units and some biked officers immediately followed and look for him.

we attended to the two men lying on the road and immediately dispatched the jeepney we're supposed to ride on to the hospital, which fortunately is just 50 meters aways. the victims were trying to get up but they're so weak and shock and has some blood on their shirts and have this expression asking what had just happened!

moments later, andami nang tao, usisero't usisera, then the policemen came, some vehicles endlessly pressing their busina for the traffic it had caused (not knowing what had just happened) and then, more people coming in, some women still crying, even my co-passengers as they were really shocked with we've just witnessed.

parang pelikula, pero totoong buhay. nakakaramdam pa rin ako ng gulat pag naaalala ko kung pano parang gulay na nakaladkad at nasagaan yung dalawang mama, seconds before nagkakasayahan sila tapos biglang-bigla, halos ikamatay naman nila.

ganun pala talaga ang buhay, any moment pwedeng mawala sa yo, ni hindi mo alam kung ano yung mangyayari matapos ang isang kisap-mata o kung ano ang pwedeng dalhin ng isang segundo sa buhay natin.

i am thankful i am alive,
i am glad i still get to do things i thought were routinary and boring,
i am happy because i still get to wake up very early eventhough most people are still asleep,
i am grateful for my love ones,
i am contented with all the little things i have.

and i am still praying for the two old men who were victims of this unfornate event to survive, and for that driver to be fully aware and be accountable for what he'd done.


zelle said...

grabe naman yun! Sana maging ok yung 2 men na nabangga.

kailangan talaga we do good and live life to the fullest kasi anything can really happen at any given time. napanood mo ba ang final destination?

btw, kala ko nung una mala A.S.S post ni verns to totoo talaga pala. :D

kathy said...

Napaka-walang-puso naman ng driver na iyon. Nagawa pang sumibat, eh ang daming witness na siya ang may kasalanan. I feel so sorry for the victims; I could only hope that they are out of danger.

I wish I could say that things like that never happen here in Japan, but I do know of certain hit-and-run stories. At the intersection just outside our house, there happened an accident that costed the life of one person. I don't know if they caught the suspect; all I know was that one night they stopped all cars driving through that intersection to hand fliers asking for information or witnesses to the crime.

You're right - we don't know what will happen next, so it is better to live our life each day to the fullest - as if it is going to be our last. Kind of a morbid way of thinking, but it would certainly get rid of the boredom, lethargy, or what-have-you, don't you think?

vernaloo said...

My God! Sana nahuli yung heartless na driver na yun! Surely lasing yun.

Hayyy life is short indeed.

I pray for those na nasaktan.

snglguy said...

Things like that makes us realize the fragility of life doesn't it? It could be taken away from you just like that... one second and you become a statistic.

zherwin said...

@zelle - hehe, medyo mas malawak ang imagination ni verns eh :)

yeah, living life to the fullest is what we should do and live as if it's the last day of our lives. hala, me ganun?! :)

zherwin said...

kathy - tama ka, living our life as if it's our last sounds morbid but it do make sense if we think and consider how fragile human lives can be. :)

zherwin said...

verns - the best that we can do is just pray. :)

zherwin said...

@snglguy - so true. and i like the way you put it, a statistic. :)

Sidney said...

Wow! What a story!
I hope those two old men survivd!

rhodora said...

Oh, my God! That is horrible!

I'm reminded of the time when my husband hit a woman.

I was seated at the passenger seat beside him. I saw with my very own eyes how the woman lunged into the windshield, right into my view! Grabe... It happened so quick. She was hesitating to cross the road. My husband stepped on the brakes when he saw her crossing. But she stopped again in the middle, so hubby thought she won't cross anymore and stepped on the gas.. Just then, at the same time that he stepped on the gas, she decided to cross again... Oh, God, I cringe still at the thought and the memory of her fear stricken face.. We rushed her to the hospital. She survived for three days, but expired later.. We had trauma for months! Hubby didn't want to drive for many weeks.

zherwin said...

@sidney - that's what everyone's been praying, for them to survive. :)

zherwin said...

@rhodora - omg! that would be so traumatic! accidents do happen even to those who are very careful with what they do.


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