Friday, March 09, 2007


Tonight's going to be the farewell dinner/party for some Japanese teachers. It's going to be held at the Manila Yacht Club.

In my four years of stay here, I was asked many times to be one of the emcees for some of our parties (about one each month), while the other two emcees, Japanese. And it's always like this: I will speak in Nihongo (of course, the script will be provided by them, otherwise, away ito hehe) and then one of my japanese partners will talk in english and the other one in tagalog. It's quite a torture, actually, but funny at the same time as we always asked each other if we say the word/words or phrases properly, or asked each other why are they laughing or make a sign that it's his or my turn. If only we can record it on video, pwedeng ipadala sa Bitoy's Funniest Video. hehe.
But tonight's different, I was asked to do the toast, or offer a toast, or make a toast, basta, toast whatever. :) Not that I haven't done it before, but it's the first time that a non-Japanese was assigned to do it, and it was me they choose! (parang nakita ko si rufa mae "to the highest level tooo" hehe). Nung una syempre nagulat ako, kasi ako parati yung gumagawa ng speech ng Principal for the opening remarks o di kaya sa closing remarks, saka pati na rin yung sa toast, pero ako yung magbabasa ng speech?? kakaiba to.

The funny thing is hindi ko alam yung sasabihin ko, parang naubos na yung mga idea ko sa mga lumang speech ni principal at ng boss ko, until I look at my files and saw LAST YEAR's closing remarks! Bingo! At magrecycle talaga ako ng speech hehehe. Here's an excerpt:

"...we are saddened that you will be leaving us, but we are also glad that you share with us a very memorable three years of your professional lives." (may drama?)

"...our thank you is never enough to show our gratitude for all the wonderful things that you did to our school, for all your contributions that are just too many to mention, and for your unmatched dedication that will be remembered forever."

" served not just a teacher to your students, but more importantly, as a parent, as a friend, and as an inspiration."

and I have to say those in Japanese! Hindi, biro lang hehe. :)
Happy weekend. KANPAI!!!


snglguy said...

Oh yesss! My favorite Japanese word: KANPAI!! *glug glug* :-D

kathy said...


So you speak Japanese? Wow! Me, I'm still learning. Sana makakuha na ako ng JLPT sometime this year para malaman ko ano na level ko, lol.

Thanks for dropping by my site! Want to exchange links?

Abaniko said...

That's fun ha? You three doing the emceeing in foreign languages aside from English. Fresh execution. :D

Leah said...

Your little skit sounds hilarious.

And your draft of the toast sounds fantastic. Baka nga maiyak sila. Will they understand?

zelle said...

Wow! to the highest level nga! Astig ikaw ang nag toast with a drama!:D

zherwin said...

@snglguy - yes, and with san mig pale pilsen (tubig na to sa mga hapon hehe)! KANPAI!

vernaloo said...

Sake ba yung ise-serve? hehe KANPAI then!!!!! hehe

sorry delayed reaction ako hehe :)

zherwin said...

@kathy - nope, i don't speak japanese, yet. :) mahirap kasi sya, kelangan talagang pag-aralan at tutukan ang aral. i attended some mini-sessions last year kasi di na rin nagtuloy-tuloy sayang libre pa naman, ang pinakabayad ko tuturuan ko naman sila ng english at tagalog. hanep sa deal no? hehe. :)

sure link na kita. :)

zherwin said...

@abaniko - yeah, fresh execution nga, pero usually sa later part ng program, i do the talking in english at sila na yung japanese, nalilimutan na yung concept. hehe :)

zherwin said...

@leah - i talked slowly last friday para mas maintindihan nila, naappreciate naman nila kahit paano at maski yung hindi ise-send off nagpa-thank you hehe. :)

zherwin said...

@ hazel - yes, ibang level talaga, pati ang tuna sashimi, ibang level din kasi di ko sya tinantanan hehe :)

zherwin said...

@verns - ay sorry, walang sake, pale pilsen lang at sanmig light, saka red/white wine AT mango shake (yellow mango shake sabi nila..), uhm, nasabi ko bang maraming beer? hehe

Anonymous said...

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