Thursday, July 19, 2007

My 100th (plus five), second of two parts

technically, this is my 101st post, but since this is the part two of my 100th, it is still somehow the 100th, or something. basta. :)

this is regarding the plus five, and this post has been waiting for more than a month already and i thought it's better to post it as my 100th (as a milestone) or the 101st to usher the next 100. whatever the reason (or the excuse? hehehe), this is it.

it was june 4, lady cess posted her answers on the hot seat questions and even with the warning that she'll be asking tough questions and those who will join the tag will regret doing so, i asked to be interviewed (at yari ako dito hehe).

so here they are:

1. Do you now have a real dog? If you don't have one yet, what's preventing you from getting one?

I still don't have, but in Quezon, we already have. Right now, i cannot get a dog of my own because since I am (still) living alone, no one will be left to take care of him/her if am at work.

I believe owning a dog is not as simple as getting one, it also entails responsibility. One should not only be a pet owner, but more importantly, a responsible pet owner (those two are worlds apart, and i want to be the latter). I think my situation right now is not very ideal, it would be very unfair for the dog.

2. You said you can write a love letter in a flash. Write a short love letter for your special girl. Content should be about your appreciation for a sweet gesture she has done for you just recently.

Now, this is tough. Love letter (and in a flash pa ha) is something i haven't done for the last 15 years! do i still have my mojo when it comes to love letter as i claimed to have back in high school? do i still know the works or mine were just plain corny? (corny, corny!) i don't know, but let me try. (okey, inhale...exhale...inhale...)

hi honey,

six years ago, you told me you don't want to enter into a relationship because you don't want a complicated life, but now, you told me you regret saying those because, as complicated as it may, the six years that we had was worth all the complications.

i may not be the most ideal boyfriend, but you always makes me feel like i am one. i may have a lot of imperfections but you've always been forgiving for those. kapag nagsusungit ako, you told me not to, kasi sabi mo lalong pumapangit ako (hehehe). i like it when you make face, kapag nagpapa-cute ka o di kaya pag namimilog yung mga mata mo.

you've always been so supportive and appreciative, and one time, sa wakas, you've praised my cooking! i know you're not really a fan of my cooking, but when you say "it's good", that was something. and when i said "pwede nang mag-asawa?" you just smiled. :)

the six years that we had was such an amazing six years of knowing and loving each other, and i'll never get tired of discovering more and falling in love more as days go by. and when that time comes that i'll hold your hand forever, i'll be the happiest, and you know that.

i love you.

okey, can i exhale now? whew!

3. Name one thing that you did for your girl that is so unlike you but you did it anyway mainly because you are impulsive.

Ok, mababaw lang ito, but it's so not me.

A couple of weeks ago, i went with lyn in Watson's for her kikay stuffs. after she did her thing (and me carrying the stuffs) and while passing the perfume section on our way out, I spotted the Paris Hilton travelling bag that she has been eyeing since she saw it first (and almost bought it) in Cinderella a couple more weeks back but i prevented her from getting it as i thought it was not practical, but this time, in a 360 degree-like turn of event, I even talked to the salesperson and inquire about it! Just like in Cinderella, the bag comes free if you bought two 100 ml Paris Hilton perfume or any other perfume from the same company. She was really giggling with excitement and really into buying it but she was also thinking what she'll do with two perfumes (make that two expensive perfumes!!). So i butt in the sales talk and dared the salesperson that if he can show us a perfume for men that can be combined with the Paris Hilton perfume, we'll get it. At the back of my mind, kalmado ako "huh, tingnan natin!". and as always, i was wrong!

at heto, the salesperson came back with TWO bottles of Perry Ellis (black and blue) and ONE bottle of Paris hilton for men. patay! lyn was grinning and she said "oh, pili ka na hehe". sus!

the hugo boss fanatic in me was trapped with either a perry ellis or a paris hilton as the only way out. i didn't like the paris hilton as it was hilton! i just settle in with the perry ellis blue as it's what i like best among the three (but hugo boss motion is still the bomb).

we split the bill but i ended up paying more as my perfume was more expensive than hers (even with the 40% discount!) and she get the free bag! i kid her that i'll borrow the bag on our next trek (and drag it along the rocky/muddy trails hehehe), sabi nya "subukan mo!" hehehe, oh well, like i wanted to be caught with a paris hilton bag! utang na loob! :D

another impulsive/budget-breaking expense, but at least, she's happy. :)

4. Among the far-flung places you just visited, which one do you like the least? Why?

Baguio. Don't get me wrong, the city of pines is such a cool place, but the traffic and pollution make you feel that you're still in Manila. It was no longer the same baguio that i saw the first time 19 years ago, when the fog is really a fog and not smog, when pine trees still smell like pine trees, when mines view park is still breathtaking (now, andami nang bahay) or when ukay-ukay is not yet the major attraction. Baguio is a classic example of too much urbanization/commercialization over preserving the heritage (oh, manila is on top of the list don't worry) and in the process, losing its once enchanting charm. i last heard that people of baguio are now starting to fight further concretization (my own word) of the summer capital of the philippines.

sana di sya maging extension ng manila and i also hope Sagada won't suffer the same fate.

5. An easy one. Describe the Zherwin we can expect to see 5 years from now.

In five years (uhm, maybe earlier than five years? hehe), a family man.


and it's done!

i know, i posted this late and most of you already had a share or two of being interviewed, but if you still want some not really brain-twisting questions, i can give you some, but follow the rules:

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me".
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.



Anonymous said...

Hi Zherwin,

Congrats on your 100th....
I've been reading your blogs since last year pa at your onset..

it's good you expressed your thoughts on any topics, and its cool with that photos or photoblogging......

keep up the goodwork..
wish to see you & lyn na nagsusubuan ng cake at nagpapalipad ng kalapati soon.. gusto mo i'll be one of ur photographer for free hehehehhe

atticus said...


ang sweet naman ng letter sa girlfriend. haaaaayyyy....

zelle said...

So this is the 2nd part of the 100th postha...whatever that is! hehe. Congrats!

Bakit inabot to ng 1 month? hirap ba gumawa ng love letter? hehe. But honestly, that letter is so sweet! nabasa na ni lyn?

a family man in less than 5 years! Let me know when...pwede akong maging wedding planner. madaming discount promise! free kung bukas na ang kasal! :D

Gina said...

uy, ang romantic ni Zherwin! Honestly, kinilig ako sa love letter mo. Nakaka-inlove !
I guess, Lyn is one lucky girl. And I bet you are one very lucky guy din. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you both the best!

I admire your conviction about being a responsible pet owner. It's like having another family member (a child) talaga. So if you can't care for it 100%, it's better not to have one.

Talaga, Baguio is that smoggy na ha? I've been there once ,maybe 12 years ago, and I remember being charmed by it.

Nice interview 'to...I already had one (by/from Annamanila) a while back.

jho said...

Awwww... how sweet naman yung "love letter".

tina said...

ang sweet nyo naman ng GF mo.. and wow... 6 years? that's long... :)

happy 100th post part 2 haha :) be blessed!

Lazarus said...

zherwin, congrats on your 100th (or 101th) post!

Galing din sa paghandle mo sa interview ni Cess! Tough but nice questions. Di ba humingi sa yo ng love letter si lyn every month? Galing ng pagkasulat mo ah!

zherwin said...

anonymous, wow talaga? about the photographer for free, sige pag-usapan natin yan habang maaga pa, baka bigla magbago isip mo hehehe.

salamat. :)

zherwin said...

atticus, thanks. kala ko sasablay ako sa love letter eh hehehe. :)

zherwin said...

zelle! it took it this long partly because of the love letter, but mostly because i waited for the 100th.

di ko ba nabanggit na i also belong to a group of wedding planners/events organizers? lie low lang kami ngayon kasi busy lahat. pero i'll the discounts hehe. :)

zherwin said...

gina, salamat at me kilig factor pala. hehe. i know, napakaswerte ko.

my attitude towards owning a pet is basically the result of growing up with a dog on my side, and to be honest, nasasaktan ako kapag me nakikita akong sinisipang aso, and would you believe that i cried when i saw the movie homeward bound? hehe.

zherwin said...

jho, thank you, thank you. :)

zherwin said...

hi tina, thanks at yeah, medyo matagal na nga, good thing natatagalan pa nya ako hehe. :)

zherwin said...

lazarus, buti na lang di sya nanghihingi baka maubusan ako ng ingles. hehe. thanks, buti hindi naman pala corny. :)

~wickedlysexy, c",) said...

nice love letter!

that's one thing that we want our men to be, mushy but not too much, hehe!

oh!six years? well, ganyan din kami katagal ni dada magboyfriend before we decided to tie the knot...

kanina ko pa iniisip pero sige go ahead, interview me!

watson said...

Nice one Zherwin. Natawa ako dun sa Paris Hilton story. Ok ba yung Hugo Boss? Sabagay, yung perfume depende rin kasi sa katawan mo di ba? Yung Davidoff Cool Water sa akin, after 5 minutes wala nang amoy! Promise. Ang ok sa akin so far ay 212 by Herrera and Contradiction for Men by Calvin Klein. Sa sobrang mahal e hiningi kong pasalubong from abroad. Heto tinitipid ko at ang mahal kasi. hehe

intsik said...

bai! as usual, u delievered well, again. a very good, honest 100th of a milestone.

very pretty girl u have. u both are lucky to have each other. maganda ang magiging anak ninyo! kainggit! heheheh :)

nasira na nga ba talaga ang baguio? 2003 pa ako last don? nakabili ako ng magandang quality jacket. hehehehe

sweet ung love letter. naiyak ako bai! at ini-share ko ito sa mga officemate ko. swerte ng girl mo! hehehehehe

tempting ung invitation for an interview! hmmm.... heheheheheh

Belle said...

Zherwin, it looks like you found the right girl and vice versa. and i can tell that you are very much in love.

have you ever written a love song for your gf?

zherwin said...

wickedlysexy, mushyness and cheezyness is something not an everday thing for guys hehe, but of course, there are also times when we just can't ignore the itch of being mushy. :D glad you liked it.

i'll send you my interview questions (warning though, i am not really good at it hehe).

zherwin said...

watson, i really like hugo boss motion, although yung bagong labas eh medyo nag-iba yung amoy, mas musky, pero okey pa rin, one spray is enough to last for the whole day! :D

na-try ko na rin ang davidoff, totoo para lang syang cologne sa bilis mag-evaporate pero mabango rin, yun nga lang, mahal sya para mag-evaporate ng ganun kabilis hehe.

try mo rin ang lacoste, masarap sa ilong :D

zherwin said...

intsik, thanks. naks naman, baka mailibre kita ng beer ah pag nagawi kami ng cebu hehe.

both of us are lucky? no, i am luckier. :)

zherwin said...

belle, thank you so much.

love song, err, medyo mahirap ata yun, pero i can write a poem, di ba songs are also at first poems?

intsik said...


Ur right bai! ur much much much muckier! actually, blessed! hehehehe

cge nga manglibre ka ha! hehehe

lady cess said...

ah! im late! sana sinabi mo sa akin dati pa.
the letter is sooo sweet! kakakilig. ang ganda talaga ng girlfriend mo. humaba yata lalo ang buhok niya.
oo nga, a pet is a responsibility. good thing you didnt get a dog just yet esp since youre living alone.
talaga baguio has changed? been meaning to go to baguio pa naman, i want to shop for some authentic baguio walis :)
a family man? whoa! congrats in advance! are you getting married on top of a mountain perhaps, being the adventurous type people the two of you are?

thanks for the awesome answers zherwin. enjoyed reading this very much.

Toe said...

Awwwww... you're the sweetest Zherwin! You and Lyn are lucky to have each other. Naku, we'll be waiting when you'll be a family man.

I agree with you that those who want to buy a dog should be ready for the responsibilities. Myself, I prefer to look at them and pat the cute dogs I see in the park. :)

Ferdz said...

Awww! Ang sweet naman! Very fitting post for your 100th post. Nakakatuwa. Haha grabe. For all the things you have to do to please her. Even buy that perfume. hehe.

Congrats, more post and happier life together with your beautiful GF :D

zherwin said...

intsik, sige bai, libre ko beer, sagot mo videoke hehe. :D

zherwin said...

thanks lady cess, nabasa ni lyn to nung weekend, natuwa naman sya kaya ayun, inilibre nya ako ng pancit habhab at pizza sa buddy's. hehehe

zherwin said...

TOE!! you're back, you're back! hehe. salamat, actually, kinikilig din ako sa mga ginagawa ko hehe. :)

zherwin said...

ferdz, thanks. naging running joke nga namin yung perfume na yun eh, at least nabayaran ko na yung bill at di ko na sya masyadong iniisip hehehe. :)


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