Wednesday, February 28, 2007

love letters

(pahabol na post sa huling araw ng buwan ng mga puso and sort of inspired by Verns' love letter episode)

when was the last time that you made or received a love letter? the old fashion, the old school one, not thru email and definitely, not via text.

hand written, in a stationery (scented or not?) and then folded in a unique way that after reading or even before reading it, you'll fold it again and again just to figure out how to do it (that you eventually forgot it's a letter, damn).

kelan nga ba? ako high school pa, and that time, i think i can make a career out of writing love letters! i am not really good at it but i can whipped one in a flash! i don't know, maybe its the hopeless romantic in me, or maybe the dreamy teenage years of puppy loves and crushes and of picking roses and heart shaped balloons and stuffed toys with a little heart in it, or simply, i was simply inspired to write love letters.

Love letter
A love letter is a popular way to express feelings of love in written
. Sometimes sent in the mail, and increasingly
, the letter may be
anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of
Sometimes letters are preferable to face-to-face contact because
they can be written as the thoughts come to the author. This may allow feelings
to be more easily expressed than if the writer were in the beloved's presence.
Further, expressing strong emotional feelings to paper or some other
form can be an expression within itself of desire and the
importance of the
beloved and the lover's emotions. The expression of
feelings may be made to an
existing love or in the hope of establishing a
The increasing rarity and consequent emotional charm of personal mail may
serve to emphasize the emotional importance of the message.
As with
any letter, a love letter could be written in any structure or style. One
historically popular method is as a
sonnet or other form
poem. William
's sonnets are
often cited as good examples of how to write emotional themes. There have been
published books collecting models and suggestions for love letters.
the end of a relationship, returning love letters to the sender or burning them
can symbolise the hurt felt.
companies produce
paper and envelopes
specifically for love letters. Some of these are
scented, though
some people like to use their own
perfume to
strengthen the impact of the letter.
(taken from Wikipedia)
naalala ko nung minsang gumawa ako ng love letter (high school to ha), i had my pure intentions (naks) written there and i have this thinking na yung girl lang ang makakabasa. sorry, wrong assumptions. she read it with her friends (na friends ko rin naman) and before i knew it, alam na ng buong class namin, word for word, ang love letter.


napakamot na lang ako ng ulo. but i thought (hindi naman sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko) it was not badly written, not at all bad as it produced that kilig factor that i just need. hah! and we know how things in high school are: dreamy teenage years of puppy loves and crushes, etc, etc.... and that kilig factor was, well, really a factor. and that's the start of a career, errr... romantic endeavors of the teenager named zherwin. lol

(i have friends who are reading this blog, hoy, wag nyo akong pagtawanan! lol)

but that's okey, a chapter of my high school life that itself stays vividly in my mind (enter sharon cuneta singing... high school life oh my high school life, every memory kay ganda, high school days oh my high school days are exciting kay saya...)

the song certainly brings back some memories... and it made me smile, ahh, that love letter...

(fast forward: after two years, we broke up and during college i was a freelancer *wink, thus the career, wink* and it was six years ago that i (or a friend who's the ex-boyfriend of a friend of lyn) finally found lyn, or since then, happy days.

i did not wrote a love letter to her (maybe just a couple of short notes), and she's asking me why not. i reason out that who needs a love letter when i can always tell her face to face how much i love her...

(kilig, kilig)

hmm, i just had an idea of a surprise...


vernaloo said...

jeez...i did not write that stupid loveletter!!!! :)

I don't like the idea of loveletters nowadays...brings back sad thoughts :)

but women love to receive them..just so you know so that you will write Lyn a loveletter :)

Sidney said...

Nothing better than an old fashioned love letter!
Not sure if young people still know how to write them...

zherwin said...

@verns - does anyone still writes a love letter? ok, the subtitle is already edited. :)

zherwin said...

@sidney - i agree, they may know how to write one but quite different from the way it was before the SMS/text generation. i bet it will look like an extended text message. :)

vernaloo said...

hahahaha sineryoso mo naman :)

Anyway meron pa rin naman eh..but mostly through email na. Just be careful of your words..iba kasing mga lalaki paliliguan ng romantic crap yung letter...may pa "two hearts beat as one" at "i love you forever and ever" eh hindi naman kayang panindigan...bweset!

di naman obvious ang angst ko anoh? hehe

zherwin said...

@verns - "two hearts that beat as one" LOL so very 80's and 90's. anyway, the best way i know of writing a love letter is just by being yourself, and write as if you are talking to her at di ko talaga kinaya ang "two hearts that beat as one", napaka-retro. hehehe

snglguy said...

The only love letter I ever got in high school was from the principal's office, telling me that my teachers loved me so much that they decided, I should repeat second year...

Leah said...

Love letters? Last time I got one was when my hubs and I were dating. He mailed me letters that were made up. As if we were some different people. It was actually quite nice. A kilig moment. And I still have them. Once in a while I read them too.

I'm sure Lyn would be delighted with your surprise.

zelle said...

kahapon ko pa gustong mag comment dito kaso ayaw ma-post...kaya ayun pinost ko na lang as blog entry...hehe

i agree with verns, we do love to receive love letters...kaya go na write lyn one!

Mon said...

hahaha natawa ako kasi hanggan dito pinahihirapan si verns sa loveletter na yan.

Let it come from your heart, wag masyadong parang hallmark ang dating. Kasing importante yan ng timing and the way it was rendered.

Ako isang beses lang ako sumulat ng love letter, the rest was just love notes.

zherwin said...

@snglguy - uy, i forgot that nowadays, we're using "love letter " as a more pleasant way of saying that we received a memo ("uy, me love letter ka galing sa HR"). totoo? nag-repeat ka? now that is news... :)

zherwin said...

@leah - yeah i also find that a kilig moment, actually anything that we do out of nothing were surprisingly the ones we always cherished. my mom is keeping all the love letters that my dad gave her during their courting days, and one time me and my brother and sisters read them, my mom was all smile while looking at my dad who's been blushing like a teenager. priceless.

zherwin said...

@zelle - yeah, there was problem of some sort, at least okey na for now. :)

on your blog entry, hmm, we are entitled to our own way of releasing those frustrations and hatred (?) even though once upon in our life, we loved that person. :) pero kung magagamit pa, idonate na lang sa nangangailangan para magkaron ng silbi, sayang naman. :)

zherwin said...

@ mon - hehehe, but that's not my intention, nagkataon lang. :)

about hallmark-inspired love letter, mahirap syang gawin kasi bukod sa malalim ang english nun, medyo pretentious din kasi at medyo "pasikat", parang damit yan, kung saan ka kumportable at naaayon sa okasyon iyon ang isuot o isulat, maging natural lang, parang nakikipag-usap. :)

ayos ah, medyo napaisip ako sa difference ng love letter at love notes. :)

badz said...

zherwin, now I miss receiving love letters! ha ha ha...mas masarap pa rin ang love letters, kakaiba nga ang kilig factor!

ha ha ha....

zherwin said...

@badz - hey badz, napadalaw ka! :) hindi lang ikaw ang nakaka-miss sa old fashion love letter, marami kayo hehehe. :)

badz said...

Hey Zherwin! I enjoy reading your posts!

Actually, I am hoping that I can receive love letters again! It has been so long! Grabe!!!

zherwin said...

@badz - ano pang hinihintay mo, mag-blog na! :)

Anonymous said...

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