Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My dog

well, it's the closest thing of having a real dog.

being the dog person that i am, i always wanted a dog in my house. eversince i was a child, there's a dog in our house, i practically grow up with dogs and i love being with dogs. the fondest memory of my child-dog days was when i have this yellowish-brown askal whom i called Tiger, he was very smart and he learned some dog-tricks very fast (you know, the catch/fetch thing, sitting, roll-over, hand-shake, the puppy-begging eyes oh how he mastered that!, and a lot more), he always wait for me and when i came home from school, he's very excited to see me and always wanted to play.

we also had a dog who loves sitting on our window, we had a dog who'll pull your pants down if you don't play with him, we also had the jealous type who'll get angry if you'll hug the other dog, there's also the shy type, a naughty one and a lot more other whose personalities are, just like us, different from each other. we also have our share of our dog getting lost and then finding his way back home, and right now, sad to say, all of our dogs are already in dog-heaven (they're all buried in our backyard in Quezon) and what we have right now (in the province) are cats (i am not a fan, they're snobbish), they can't get a puppy right now because he might be killed by my nephews (cats on the other hand, run faster so they're "safe").
oh my nephews, but that's another story. :D

and then just last december while doing the last minute christmas shopping, we chance upon this doggie in the mall, and i didn't hesitate getting this one (actually we got two, the other one is with lyn), it was originally priced at P600 but we got them at half the price because of the P1000 worth of receipt that we have and i am an SM Advantage card holder so in a way it was a bargain.
there, a dog in my house, he stays indoor and always sleeps on my bed, but i can't play with him since he can't run. he can't bite and he doesn't bark.

someday, if i can already attend to the dog's needs, i will get a real one and i hope it will be soon..

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