Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yesterday I was late for work and didn't make any excuse for that because a lot of us in the office were late because of the tremendous (yes, that huge!) traffic that the repair of a portion of a busy highway has caused.

Today I am late again. Partly because of the traffic but more of being tardy! And I am so guilty because I made an excuse for that, no, make that a lie, I lied for being late. I told my boss that I need to go to the bank to deposit money to my sister's account, and since our office is located in an "isolated urban area" of fort bonifacio, i'll be needing at least a 30 minute effort to go to a bank and another 45 minutes to actually transact and be able to go back to the office, hence its acceptable to go first to the bank in the morning before coming to the office. I was doing that when there's really a need to do that. But today, I used that excuse to lie just to make it appear I am not tardy.

And I am so guilty for doing that.

What makes me guitier is the fact that my boss (he's a japanese) is so kind and here I am abusing his kindness!

I do not want to do this again, it's so uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. A lie is still a lie no matter how you want to call it, and that makes me less of a good boy, Santa may not visit me for being bad. LOL. yay, that didn't help, I am still guilty. Better do something good today.

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East of Oregon said...

cute blog ... ok, so next time just say, "I'm so sorry but I'm just late - Uff-dah!" See if that works... :)


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