Thursday, November 09, 2006


great, just what you need when you're next in line to deposit money at the bank!

this morning, i waited for at least 30 minutes for the bank to open, and another 25 minutes falling in line and when its my turn already, the bank teller showed me a huge OFFLINE signage! hah.

i waited again for the next 5 minutes, asking the teller if its online already for almost every 20 seconds, then 5 minutes became, 10 minutes... 15 minutes... 20 minutes!!! there, i gave up! i wasted almost an hour for nothing.

sigh, advancement of technology should make our daily lives "more livable" but this morning and many times before, i experienced the opposite. its like you enter the bank, sit there, look at people around, look at tellers who do not smile, heard some phone ringing, stand and then go out. how productive can you get?!

anyway, modern technology is good if it is good, and bad if it is bad. it is just ironic that it is bad when you need it the most.

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