Thursday, November 30, 2006


i remember this alanis song when i think of the situation today.

you see, a supertyphoon will be hitting luzon again. and as a lot of us are scrambling to protect our properties and making sure there's enough food and water, and pray that it will at least weaken as it passes, some people are actually praying for the potential huge amount of rain!

now isn't that ironic?

months earlier, a warning has already been raised that next year (until June 2007), there will be water shortage as dams that supply the water to mega manila and nearby provinces are now nearing the critical level way ahead of schedule! and since then, they've been hoping for more rain and even a typhoon to fill up that need.

now isn't that ironic?

some pray that'll no more typhoon, and some hope they'll be more.

irony of life.

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