Friday, November 24, 2006

What is scary for me?

Horror movies? not really.

yesterday, i viewed one post in anton's blog that documents his goungzhou exotic food adventure that leads him to eat snakes, hairy crabs, water bugs. there was a warning that those with weak heart and stomach should not view the post, but i did hehehe. i don't have a weak heart but i have a problem in the stomach area. i thought its not going to be as gross as he picture it to be, but it was!!

in the pictures were plateful of snake or snakes, (with the skin!!), sushi-style alligator (omg, there's the hand/foot of the poor fellow dangling on the edge of the plate), water bugs (how the cockroach looked like is exactly how they look), and the not so scary hairy crab, a squid and a few others.

i told him how brave and courageous he was for eating/doing those things, but according to him, it was worth the experience but will never do that again. hahaha

as for me, the only exotic foods that i've tried are bayawak (monitor lizard i think) and frogs, and both of them taste like chicken. that's the farthest that i could go as far as exotic foods are concerned, farther than that? just kill me. hehehe

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