Monday, November 06, 2006

Philippine Idol Dance theme night

with guest judge, Regine Tolentino! yes, a dancer in a singing competition!
before any rendering any jugdment, here's the recap.

ryan opened the show informing everyone to get their dancing shoes ready, its party time tonight!

the remaining idols sung "Sumayaw, Sumunod" on a platform at the back of the judges' table. it was a bit short for everyone to enjoy.

and here's how the performance goes:
1. JAN - La Vida Loca (in black jacket which he removes later on to reveal his sando underneath)
Mamita: "Very good! can i dance with you onstage? (jan obliged and they dance onstage for about 10 secs)"
Regine: "Very powerful! Sexy! Bravo!
Mr. C: "Jan, nakaka-loca!!!"
- it is a very good start, Jan, who's admittedly not a dancer, was suprisingly good. so much energy and i think the dancers and the lights really help energized the performance. it was not a very strong vocal performance, can see the stiffness in his dancing but the girls love it. give jan props for the effort.

2. POW - Got to be real (in blue shirt topped by leopard printed polo and black overcoat)
Regine : "You look awesome! It was not my favorite song, but now it is."
Mamita: yadda, yadda, yadda and she keeps on pointing the coat is getting longer and that soon Pow will be wearing a gown. oh, she enjoyed it!
Mr. C: "We already saw you perform like that, start reinventing yourself, nothing new, try to offer something new."
- pow has the energy to this song, i just thought the song does not have so much vocal and i was not really amazed by it.

3. MIGUEL - Make it with you (in ala-German Moreno glittering dolphin-trenchcoat)
Mamita: "ARe you nervous? you're shaking! I prefer you singing ballad."
Regine: "There were awkward movements there, and in one or two moments, i thought you're pa-girl (girly)"
Mr. C: "You should see how the other contestants work harder, it was a bad song choice, it was too much for you."
- Miguel lacks the energy and you can really feel that he's not into the song and the song is not with him, i think his performance is a bit lost, not good.

4. KEN - Signed, sealed, delivered (with a dark colored feather (diva!!!) in a silver striped (!!!) satin (!!!) pants)
Regine: "Over all performance, its a lot of fun, I just don't get your look, its distracting!" haha
Mamita: "I am very happy for you tonight, these kind of songs really suits you!"
Mr. C: "I am seeing a very confident Ken, and you brought it tonight!"
- I did not enjoy it because the outfit really, really distracts me to the point that i am laughing! i really do not get ken and for me there's nothing special in his voice, he is trying so hard to hit the high notes to the point that he's screeching! ugh

5. MAU - Shy guy (she in pink!!)
Mamita: "That song should be sung by somebody who's slim, tall, sexy... you should lose weight!" ouch.
Regine: "You're a diva so you should look like a diva."
Mr. C: "For me, you're the best singer, if you want to be the Philippine Idol, you have to take it seriously."
- hmm, i cannot say anything about Mau's voice, it is solid and there's energy in there but i am just wondering why I cannot see it in her moves? she should have moved! she should have danced! there's something lacking in her performance, but i still love her though. lol.

6. GIAN - Rock DJ (the usual gian outfit, white tight fitting shirt, black jacket)
Mamita: "I expect you to dance tonight, but you did not. but i love you."
Regine: "I really, really appreciate your small dance movements, it's the best performance for me tonight!" wow.
Mr. C: "It was just okay for me, it counterpoints everyone's performance."
- and then gian started talking again (he should stop explaining himself!), i like his performance, not so big but enjoyable, it maybe because i also like robbie william hehehe. gian did a little robbie in his number, he removed his jacket as if stripping, in the video of this song, robbie actually stripped down to his birthday suit. i think no one get that jacket stripping. it was good gian.

7. APPLE - Lady Marmalade (in a bridal veil headdress)
Regine: "I was distracted by you pulling you pants up."
Mamita: "You got the looks, you should have just the pants fall off! I enjoyed your singing."
Mr. C: "Strong performance, surprise us again next week."

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