Friday, January 19, 2007

Busy weekend ahead

there's a wedding, a badminton game, a garden that needed attention (a must!!), a long delayed luneta/orchidarium photography tour, and oh, don't forget the laundry, the ironing, the house...
the ups and downs of living alone, you can do anything but you also have to do everything.

it's a bit funny that lyn and i will be attending a separate wedding this saturday, i in Los Baños, Laguna while she in Batangas, in two separate provinces. it was originally planned that i'll go with her in Batangas until meanne, a high school friend, called sometime in december that she'll be marrying somebody we don't know and that i'll be one of the groomsmen, and it's the same date with that of the batangas wedding. there, we'll be attending a wedding, but two separate weddings.
even it is really tiring, i want the badminton game to push thru and the luneta photography i wanted since forever to materialize.
since monday will be a holiday in where i am working, i know i can accomplish these things, i just hope i won't get sleepy...

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