Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Los Baños wedding

my saturday started out okey, i wake up early, traffic was light, going there was a breeze. and then the waiting period and the wedding..

the wedding was okey, the food was great and the cake was yummy (mer-nels cake house in Los Baños, if i remember it right), i just have this little thing about the barong that i have to wear, it's O-R-A-N-G-E! i dont know, maybe it's just me but i really was not that comfortable, the groomsmen were like, uhm, oranges.

it's actually okey, ako lang yata yung maarte, the color is cool to look at but not that good to wear. maybe i am just used to donning the traditional barong, and i am not into these colored, off-colored barong.

even with all the hassles of commuting just to get to meanne's wedding, and with all the uber-long waiting period for the van/service to come and the lack of transportation in the middle of the night going back to manila and then to cavite where i am residing ( i actually got home past 2 in the morning), be it, it's all for meanne.

Congratulations and best wishes, Mr. and Mrs. Yoshimura!!

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