Tuesday, January 16, 2007

World Pyro Olympics - Jan 12 (and the tips really worked!)

it was fun doing it, photographing fireworks, that is.

as stated in my previous post, i tried the tips written there. in the beginning i was a bit anxious and don't really have a good grip on what i was doing. hee.

last friday, i was already in the Esplanade at around 5:30 pm, i thought i was early until i saw that the good spots in the breakwater are already taken! so after taking my dinner out, i walk and walk and walk to look for even just a little space to settle myself in, and luckily, i saw some "opening" and i just asked the nice ladies if i can sit behind them even on the edge and they were gracious enough to tell me its okey. there. a nice smile can really help LOL. while waiting for time to pass, i ate dinner with them (instant friends, but they don't want their pictures taken) and scout for a better location at the same time. and i found one. just in front of the seawall where we are seated, there are stones used to break the waves and that's where i set my tripod and my butt! a few minutes later, i saw people doing the same and settling themselves in. hah! i think they just waited for somebody to do that.

it was a very good spot because i am facing the barge directly and can see the fireworks blasting their way up! and i am so pleased with the results, my 3 year old sony cybershot camera made me proud, i love you DSC-32!! i think we still have a lot of fireworks to shoot together hehehe.

i had a grand time shooting and i think it helped that the fireworks set off by Canada and Denmark were both "standard" fireworks, not as grand as China/the Philippines (more of them later) or UK or the US, that's why they're easier to shoot.

these are just a few of the more than 100 shots i've taken, i'll post some more later. the uploading of pictures is taking forever to finish.

more to come.

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