Wednesday, January 10, 2007

World Pyro Olympics

wow, new post for the new year. and there's no better way of posting than doing it with a bang!

last friday, me and my friends went to the opening night of the World Pyro Olympics at the Esplanade of the Mall of Asia, it was also some sort of a despedida for marlon as he will be on board again for the next 8-10 months so rhea, his gf, is quite sad (or is she? hehehe).

anyway, the event will have its final two days this coming friday and saturday and we'll definitely not going to miss it especially the saturday as it will be the scheduled exhibition of the much talked-about (and last year's runner up next to Australia, who, by the way, is not as spectacular as last year, so they say) China and the host Philippines. The Philippines is not part of the competition, just playing a generous host.
We like what we saw last friday and it was just unfortunate that i missed the US and Spain show the next day.
I'll post more pictures later..

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