Thursday, January 18, 2007

World Pyro Olympics - Jan 13 China & the Philippines

The last day.

Coming from the previous day's thrill in shooting fireworks, i have never been this excited before, like when Ginebra won their last championship or when Manny Pacquiao stunning 3rd round KO of El Terrible or the prospect of joining Game Ka Na ba?, the anticipation is so great that i am seeing fireworks whenever i close my eyes (swear, i really did!).

Lyn will also be coming with me (i've been asking her to see the fireworks since the first day) provided that we'll go first to Divisoria to look for a Barong Tagalog for her father. no problem. i just thought we should go there as soon as we finished our lunch, but we headed to Divi at around 3:00 pm (because it was still not, she said) and got there by 4, though we got the barong easily (i fitted around 5-6 different designs), we only head out at 5 pm (and that's late already if i really want to have a good spot AND considering it's the last day, more people will be trooping there)! to make it worst, the traffic going there (we took the luneta-harrison plaza route) was bad! but i am so cool about it and makes me wonder why, maybe the excitement is overpowering the rage against the traffic.

We reached MoA before 6 and holy cow! where do all these people came from? its like the entire manila population are here! lyn even joked that if all of these people will vote for a certain candidate in the election, sure winner! we went to Kitaro for our dinner (it's the least crowded among those in the ground floor at sus, nag-brown out pa sa loob ng store?!).

while waiting for our dinner, i rushed out to have my friday's pictures developed, good thing no line this time and i can get it after 30 minutes (or after our dinner). the food was just okey, not really outstanding, but just okey (and i thought it was expensive for the tofu meal to be salty). i also got the pictures and i thought i became so proud because some people are asking for a copy of my shots (what?????) and the operator even asked me what camera did i used and he got the shock of his life when i told him that its only my trusty 3 year old sony cybershot!

we went first to starbucks before heading to the general viewing area and just like anywhere in MoA (including the cr's), it was overflowing with people and they run out of tissues. hehehe. we're supposed to meet Melony and Henson but the cellphone signal is also bad we ended up not meeting them. as we go to the viewing area, we encountered a mad rush of people and cars scrambling for that free little place outside. after so many minutes and bumping and even stepping on some feet (excuse me, so sorry, it was dark), we're finally inside and the nearest that we can get to the seawall is where Tapa King is located, that far (i learned later that melony and henson were seated to where i was seated friday, and i was so envious of them).

anyway, China started late, but they made up for it by their spectacular, grand and big, big colorful amazing very graceful fireworks! and people are standing making me continously adjust the tripod for a good view but i am lucky for only a few shots. and here's some..

i did not get a really decent shot because some people are sometimes blocking the view but nevertheless, the China experience was awesome, it sets the level higher for the next participant, a non-competitor, the Philippines.

if China started late, the Philippines was much, much later, i think they started 11 pm and to pass the time, we chat, look around, made fun of others, joke about the fireworks the philippines will set off (boga, piccolo, watusi) and took pictures of ourselves.

the long wait was worth it! the Philippines fireworks was the grandest, longest, the most spectacular i've seen in this event. i believed we could have won this thing had we competed. it was so good that even the finale hanging lanterns light up the sky for so long, and yes, there was standing ovation, lots of it.

we stayed a little while before heading home, but that didn't help as thousands of people are also waiting for the crowd to subside, we decided to head out, bring lyn to her apartment and then i was home by 4 in the morning. the entire day was both enjoyable and tiring and i still have a 4-hour badminton game at 10 in the morning and a birthday party/house blessing to attend to in the afternoon.

tired? who, me? nah (then collapses)

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