Friday, February 09, 2007

action packed pre-valentine weekend

for one, tonight's the much anticipated game 1 of the PBA Philippine Cup between my Brgy Ginebra Gin Kings against its sister team, San Miguel Beer. so much irony in this championship series: the Kings head coach (Uichico) was the former coach of san miguel, and it's his first championship game/series outside his former team, rommel adducul is also playing his first championship against his former team (ginebra).

the Best Player of the Conference will also be decided by the series as it is being closely contested by both Mark Caguioa and Danny Seigle, the main men of both teams and the two leading contenders for the plum with Mark leading Danny only by a hair.

aside from the games 1 and 2 (on sunday), what makes the weekend action-packed? getting tickets for games 3 and 4 will surely be not for the weak heart and i am dedicating half of my saturday securing one, imagine travelling from imus to araneta coliseum (times like these, getting ticket from the ticketnet is not advisable, going to the venue in at least three days advance is closer to getting the real thing).

and sunday, ah this sunday, feb 11 is a special day *wink, wink* if i don't remember the significance of that day, lyn will kill me. i think i'll post a separate blog on that, by the way, that's our sixth year anniversary and i have so much stuff in my mind that i don't know which one to pick, which one to do and i am feeling that my brain is on a hibernating mode (it's not even cold)...

but, i think i can pull this one off *crossing fingers*... good luck to me. :)

(hmm, the title of this post...)


snglguy said...

As someone who's been through a bad marriage and separation, V'day always brings that yucky feeling.

But I'm still a hopeless romantic... just don't go telling this to everyone. :-)

Have a great weekend, dude.

zherwin said...

hahaha. i think the v-day date or something is only for the younger (i mean teenagers and those post-teenager-but-twenty-something-who-are-still-in-denial-they're-old) set.

there's nothing romantic in traffic, fully-booked and noisy restos, overpriced concerts. i am still young (i think i am still in denial hehehe) but the valentine-thingy is no longer an option on the 14th, just a regular day in the office, why not the week before or after di ba?

here's a cheer from one hopeless romantic to another!


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